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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Insurance Rollover

USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Insurance Post-Roll Checklist

___ Ensure the insurance roll has occurred by verifying the INSURANCE ROLL STATUS field on HMQU1 has a value of B, S or M.

___ Insurance salaries have been verified on Report 974. Check ERS OnLine with Report 974 to ensure all salary updates have occurred before the Sept. 30 deadline.

___ Check Report 991 to ensure invalid health carriers have been corrected in ERS OnLine and USPS.

___ Check Report 991 to ensure no errors for missing F21 HNH rollover record. If an employee does not have an F21 row on the HNHU1 screen, they will be paid for September but will not be paid for October. Re-roll assignment or submit and LOA to add the F21 record before October regular payroll processing.

___ Insurance salaries for LWOP/FMLA employees have been verified. Salary change has been verified for returning LWOP/FMLA employees on Sept. 1, 2020. All other LWOP employees’ prior fiscal 2020 salaries have been rolled to a 09/01/2020 insurance record.

___ HMTU1 records have been verified to H0ZUC records (use Report 32).

___ Retain Report 974 for future use with discrepancies between USPS and ERS OnLine.