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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Post-Rollover September Entry for Position Changes


After completion of the employee assignment rollover, non-legislative reclassifications for Sept. 1 can be entered along with the regular September personnel actions.

The Position Table (HNPFY) screen allows changes to the 09/01/2019 budgeted values on the Position Table (HNPU1) screen. The HNPFY screen can be used only for 09/01/2019 HNPU1 records.

HNPFY modifications should be made before the assignment rollover to be included in the F20, HNH and HMP rollover records. If the HNPFY modifications are done after the assignment rollover, the agency must also enter a personnel action on HMPHR that modifies the HNH and HMP records.

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