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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Annual Retirement Fee

Establish Desired Version for Report 038


HNKBA (Benefits Report Requests)

Key Fields:


> GU     00XXX                                                      ON HNKBA
                          ---BENEFITS REPORT REQUESTS--- 
 R_  AGENCY---> 00XXX 
                START DATE----> 09/01/2020  END DATE----> 09/30/2021 
                FY START DATE-> 09/01/2020  FY END DATE-> 08/31/2021
                RPT 575 LAST PRCSD ON --> 08/13/2021 
                ORP EMPLOYEE RETIRE CONTRIB--879-> _ 
                TRS SERVICE PURCHASE REPORT--992-> _ 
                EMPLOYEE INSURANCE INFO------993-> N 
                ANNUAL RETIREMENT FEE--------038-> D 
                ALLOW INSURANCE UPDATES-RPT--032/LAST PRCSD-> 07/06/2020 
 A205W-END OF LIST                                      
                                       MM/DD/YYYY  08:50:13   M3LL PARJ ____ 


  1. Access HNKBA.
  2. Enter R in the SUBCOMMAND field.
  3. Enter the following fields as required:
    • AGENCY (KEY)
      Enter a value indicating what version (detail or summary) of report 038 is generated. If no value is entered, this field defaults to generate a detail report.
      Code Description
      D (Detail) Generate a detail report listing all employees within each plan, totals by plan and an agency total (default).
      S (Summary) Generate a summary report with totals by plan type and an agency total. A summary report contains no employee detail.
  4. Press Enter to process the transaction.