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USPS Fiscal Year-End Close Manual
Annual Retirement Fee

Report 038

The Annual Retirement Fee Deductions Report (038) posts fees for the Employees Retirement System (ERS) and Legislative Retirement System (LRS). This report runs with your agency’s August month-end clear process. The Employee Deductions (H0ZUC) screen is populated with the new plan year’s fee.

Report 038 is received the morning after your agency completes the month-end clear process. This report only includes employees that have an 09/01/2020 retirement fee generated. The fees and start date have already updated as part of the new hire process.

Report 038 is generated based on the value entered on HNKBA for ANNUAL RETIREMENT FEE (038). The value in this field is retained from the previous fiscal year, so verify this field before running your August month-end clears. A detail report is generated if this field contains a D or is left blank. The detail report includes the following information:

  • Plan ID
  • SSN
  • Employee name
  • Source of money
  • Fee deduction number
  • Fee amount
  • Goal amount

After the employee detail section, an additional page is produced indicating error messages and agency totals.

A summary report is generated when the value on HNKBA for ANNUAL RETIREMENT FEE (038) is an S. The summary report includes the following information:

  • Plan ID
  • Source of money
  • Deduction number
  • Number of employees
  • Total amount of deductions

When your agency’s August month-end clears are processed, all active employees who are contributing to ERS retirement have the FREQUENCY, AMOUNT, GOAL AMOUNT and START DATE (09/01/2020) populated on H0ZUC. Based on this data, the appropriate retirement fee deduction is taken the next time the employee is paid.