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USPS Calendar Year-End Close Manual
Calendar Year-End Close (CYEC) Overview

2021 Year-End Schedule

Deadline Action Responsibility
Friday, Nov. 12 Last day to submit a copy of Forms W‑2c to USPS for 2020 corrections. Agency/USPS
Dec. 1-6 Semimonthly payroll month-end process (November month-end reports and clears) Agency/USPS
Monday, Dec. 6 First-half, semimonthly payrolls are due Agency
Thursday, Dec. 9 Direct deposit deadline for first-half, semimonthly payrolls Agency
Friday, Dec. 10 Last day to submit supplemental payrolls for 2021 Agency
Dec. 1-10 Monthly payroll month-end process (November month-end reports and clears)

Enter December terminations before split to ensure that employee W‑2s are sorted properly
USPS will not be available on Saturday, Dec. 11 Monthly payroll month-end process will end

2021/2022 files split

2021 fourth-quarter reports and report 83 will run for all agencies

Discrepancy reports 527 and 3011 will run for all agencies

BRP flags reset

Catch-up status for 457 plans cleared

2021 current charitable deductions turned off and future amounts moved to current
Note: All USPS payrolls finalized after the 2021/2022 file split must have a warrant date in calendar year 2022 and will be reflected in the 2022 files.
Monday, Dec. 13 2022 files open USPS
Tuesday, Dec. 14 Agencies will receive 2021 fourth-quarter reports and reports 83, 527 and 3011 USPS
Thursday, Dec. 23 Monthly payrolls and second-half, semimonthly payrolls are due Agency
Tuesday, Dec. 28 Direct deposit deadline for monthly and second-half, semimonthly payroll Agency
Friday, Dec. 24 Holiday  
Monday, Jan. 3 First 2022 payday Agency
Monday, Jan. 3 First 2021 W‑2 run USPS
Wednesday, Jan. 19 Last day agencies can request W‑2s Agency
Monday, Jan. 31 Last day to mail or deliver W‑2s Agency