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USPS Calendar Year-End Close Manual
Calendar Year-End Close (CYEC) Overview

CYE Queries

As part of the CYE process, USPS representatives will run a number of queries to identify situations that may require your attention. Some of the queries you may receive are:

  • Deceased employees, and employees with Death Sick pay (SP18) or Death Vacation pay (SP19): Report wages paid after death on Form 1099-Misc; USPS does not produce 1099s
  • OASDI taxable greater than maximum
  • Employee OASDI taxable, times .062, not equal to taxes withheld
  • Employer OASDI taxable, times .062, not equal to taxes withheld
  • Employee HI not equal to Employer HI
  • Employees claiming exemption from FIT: a new Form W-4 is required annually
  • Employees claiming over 10 exemptions on Form W-4
  • Out-of-state employees: each agency is responsible for state tax reporting
  • Deferred Compensation deductions over the annual maximum
  • Employees participating in 457 plans in catch-up status: Catch-up status is cleared during the file split, and must be reentered if applicable.

If you encounter problems or have questions on the Calendar Year-End Close process, please contact your assigned USPS representative or call the Help Desk at (512) 463-4008.

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