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USPS Calendar Year-End Close Manual
Calendar Year-End Close (CYEC) Overview


This USPS Calendar Year-End Close manual includes information you will need to process and distribute employee W‑2s and to report tax information to the Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Each of the Calendar Year-End (CYE) processes listed below is explained in detail in its corresponding manual section:

  1. Recording payments made outside USPS to the USPS history files so these payments are included in W‑2 reporting.
  2. Balancing employee tax information and ensuring all required amounts have been withheld and remitted to IRS by reconciling USPS reports 3011 and 527 that depict employees with out of balance records.
  3. Moving CY files to prior year and establishing NY files. (Process any CY payments before the file split).
    • CY/NY file split.
    • NY files are activated after the file split.
    • Processes for CY reversals, adjustments and refunds will change after the file split.
    • BRP flags are reset.
  4. Generating W‑2s and related information:
    • Request report 83, W‑2 posting report, as often as needed to resolve any errors and to post W‑2 information.
    • Fax the W‑2 print request form in the appendix to USPS representatives at (512) 475-0887; the Comptroller’s office will print and stuff W‑2 forms for your agency.
    • USPS will electronically generate report 85 to report wage and tax information to the Social Security Administration.

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