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USPS Calendar Year-End Close Manual
Calendar Year-End Close Overview

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This USPS Calendar Year-End Close manual includes information you will need to process and distribute employee W‑2s and to report tax information to the Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Each of the Calendar Year-End (CYE) processes listed below is explained in detail in its corresponding manual section:

  1. Recording payments made outside USPS to the USPS history files so these payments are included in W‑2 reporting.
  2. Balancing employee tax information and ensuring all required amounts have been withheld and remitted to IRS by reconciling USPS reports 3011 and 527 that depict employees with out of balance records.
  3. Moving CY files to prior year and establishing NY files. (Process any CY payments before the file split).
    • CY/NY file split.
    • NY files are activated after the file split.
    • Processes for CY reversals, adjustments and refunds will change after the file split.
    • BRP flags are reset.
  4. Generating W‑2s and related information:
    • Request report 83, W‑2 posting report, as often as needed to resolve any errors and to post W‑2 information.
    • Fax the W‑2 print request form in the appendix to USPS representatives at (512) 475-0887; the Comptroller’s office will print and stuff W‑2 forms for your agency.
    • USPS will electronically generate report 85 to report wage and tax information to the Social Security Administration.

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CYE Queries

As part of the CYE process, USPS representatives will run a number of queries to identify situations that may require your attention. Some of the queries you may receive are:

  • Deceased employees, and employees with Death Sick pay (SP18) or Death Vacation pay (SP19): Report wages paid after death on Form 1099-Misc; USPS does not produce 1099s
  • OASDI taxable greater than maximum
  • Employee OASDI taxable, times .062, not equal to taxes withheld
  • Employer OASDI taxable, times .062, not equal to taxes withheld
  • Employee HI not equal to Employer HI
  • Employees claiming exemption from FIT: a new Form W-4 is required annually
  • Employees claiming over 10 exemptions on Form W-4
  • Out-of-state employees: each agency is responsible for state tax reporting
  • Deferred Compensation deductions over the annual maximum
  • Employees participating in 457 plans in catch-up status: Catch-up status is cleared during the file split, and must be reentered if applicable.

If you encounter problems or have questions on the Calendar Year-End Close process, please contact your assigned USPS representative or call the Help Desk at (512) 463-4008.

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2018 Year-End Schedule

Deadline Action Responsibility
Friday, Nov. 16 Last day to submit a copy of Forms W‑2c to USPS for 2017 corrections. Agency/USPS
Dec. 1 – 6 Semimonthly payroll month-end process (November month-end reports and clears). Agency/USPS
Thursday, Dec. 6 First-half, semimonthly payrolls are due. Agency
Tuesday, Dec. 11 Direct deposit deadline for first-half, semimonthly payrolls. Agency
Wednesday, Dec. 12 Last day to submit supplemental payrolls for 2018. Agency
Dec. 1 – 14 Monthly payroll month-end process (November month-end reports and clears).

Enter December terminations before split to ensure that employee W‑2s are sorted properly.
USPS will not be available on Saturday, Dec. 15. Monthly payroll month-end process will end.

2018/2019 files split.

2018 fourth-quarter reports and report 83 will run for all agencies.

Discrepancy reports 527 and 3011 will run for all agencies.

BRP flags reset.

Catch-up status for 457 plans cleared.

2018 current charitable deductions turned off and future amounts moved to current.
Note: All USPS payrolls finalized after the 2018/2019 file split must have a warrant date in calendar year 2019 and will be reflected in the 2019 files.
Monday, Dec. 17 2019 files open. USPS
Tuesday, Dec. 18 Agencies will receive 2018 fourth-quarter reports and reports 83, 527 and 3011. USPS
Tuesday, Dec. 18 Monthly payrolls and second-half, semimonthly payrolls are due. Agency
Friday, Dec. 21 Direct deposit deadline for monthly and second half, semimonthly payroll Agency
Monday – Wednesday,
Dec. 24 – 26
Wednesday, Jan. 2 First 2019 payday. Agency
Wednesday, Jan. 2 First 2018 W‑2 run. USPS
Wednesday, Jan. 23 Last day agencies can request W‑2s. Agency
Thursday, Jan. 31 Last day to mail or deliver W‑2s. Agency

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