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USPS Calendar Year-End Close Manual
The W‑2 Process

W‑2 Print and Pick Up Process

IRS Form W‑2 provides annual tax information for each employee, including taxable wages; federal, state and local taxes withheld; and deferral amounts.

  • After you verify that the W‑2 file (report 83) is accurate, submit the authorization form (located in the Appendix) to indicate the W‑2 sort option you prefer for employee copy B, and the Comptroller’s office will produce W‑2 forms for your agency.
  • Employer copy D of the W‑2s is sorted alphabetically regardless of the sort option you choose for copy B.
  • W‑2s for terminated employees and employees on LWOP are sorted separately and will be at the end of the active employees.
  • W‑2s will be folded, stuffed and sealed through the Comptroller’s office. Remember, this process takes three to four working days after the date of your request. Your USPS representative will notify the designated agency contact when W‑2s are ready. They can be picked up at the warrant window (ninth floor, LBJ Building) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. A signature will be required for pickup.

Note: If an adjustment is made to an employee’s CY record that affects any W‑2 entry (taxable wages, taxes withheld or tax-deferred entries) after the W‑2s have been printed:

  • Type and submit forms W‑2c and W-3c to the Social Security Administration.
  • Submit a copy of the W‑2c to your USPS representative.
  • Your USPS representative will correct the data on the CY file no later than November NY.
  • The W‑2 file contains the data reported to the Social Security Administration, and will not be changed.
  • If necessary, prepare and submit a 941x to the IRS.
  • Retain all supporting documentation in case there is an IRS audit.

W‑2 Totals (Report 68)

The W‑2 Forms Report (report 68) generates each agency’s W‑2 forms, and produces a listing of W‑2 field totals you can use to reconcile W‑2 forms to amounts reported on forms 941 for your agency.

REPORT:    68                         UNIFORM STATEWIDE PAYROLL/PERSONNEL SYSTEM                 PAGE:   1      
 AGENCY:   XXX                               XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX                  RUN DATE: 01/12/20NY 
                                                   W-2 FORMS REPORT                         RUN TIME: 2:00:00   
                                          FEDERAL EIN              74-XXXXXXX                                   
                                         TAX                 TAXABLE            NON-TAXABLE              AMOUNT 
FEDERAL                                26,9140.84           235,864.06                                          
OASDI                                   10,762.47           256,249.36                                          
OASDI TIPS                                                        0.00                                          
UNC. HI TAX                                  0.00                                                               
UNC. OASDI TAX                               0.00                                                               
UNC. OASDI GROUP TERM                        0.00                                                               
STATE                                        0.00                                                               
LOCAL                                        0.00                 0.00                                          
SPECIAL LOCAL                                0.00                 0.00                                          
3RD PARTY FEDERAL                            0.00                 0.00              0.00                        
3RD PARTY OASDI                              0.00                 0.00                                          
HI                                       3,715.61           256,249.36                                          
ALLOCATED TIPS                                                                                             0.00 
DEPENDENT CARE                                                                                         3,750.00 
NON-QUALIFIED PLAN                                                                                         0.00 
EIC                                                                                                        0.00 
FRINGE BENEFITS                                                                                          523.61 
GROUP TERM LIFE                                                                                        4,313.78 
DEFERRED 401(K)                                                                                            0.00 
DEFERRED 403(B)                                                                                            0.00 
DEFERRED 408(K)                                                                                            0.00 
DEFERRED 457                                                                                               0.00 
DEFERRED 501(C)                                                                                            0.00 
DEPENDENT LIFE                                                                                             0.00 
OTHER 1                                                                                                    0.00 
OTHER 2                                                                                                    0.00 
OTHER 3                                                                                                    0.00 
OTHER 4                                                                                                    0.00 
OTHER 5                                                                                                    0.00 
GOLDEN PARACHUTE                                                                                           0.00 
BUSINESS EXPENSE                                                                                           0.00 
NEW JERSEY DI                                0.00                                                               
NEW JERSEY SUI                               0.00                                                               
CALIFORNIA SDI                               0.00                                                               
CALIFORNIA VDI                               0.00                                                               
WASHINGTON PENSION                           0.00                                                               
WASHINGTON MEDICAL                           0.00                                                               
NEW YORK PUBLIC RETIREMENT                                                                                 0.00 
MOVING EXPENSE                                                                                             0.00 
MILITARY EXPENSE EMPLOYEE RECORDS PROCESSED                 11                                             0.00 

W‑2 Mapping

The W‑2 form includes information from the databases/screens indicated on this sample.

Note: The screen in parentheses is the USPS screen that holds the information in the CY file. Use the screen outside parentheses to display data from the W‑2 file; if you change W‑2 information, re-run report 83 to include the changes on the W‑2 form.

screen shot of W2

Note: Box 12 contains the following:

Screen ID Special Pay/Deductions Codes
(H1ØSP) HJ3Ø1 SP10 Imputed Income
SP77 Excludable moving expense
Code C
Code P
(HØZUC) HJ3Ø1 Ded 53 401K
Ded 54 457
Ded 55 403B
Ded 58 Roth 457
Ded (23+26+32+34) ST PHC, ST Health, Health Flex, Tobacco
Code D
Code G
Code E
Code EE
Code DD
(HØZUC) HJ6Ø1 Ded 51 Roth 401K
Ded (42+43) Emp HSA, ST HSA
Code AA
Code W
(HØBUT) HJ4Ø2 Uncollected OASDI
Uncollected Medicare
Code M
Code N

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