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Calendar Year-End File Split

After the file split, month-end reports (except for semimonthly agencies), quarter reports and clears run for any agency that has not yet completed reports and clears. USPS will close the CY files and set up the NY files. Once the files are split, the NY files open and all subsequent USPS payrolls will have payment dates of Jan. 3, 2022, or later.

As part of this process, BRP flags are reset and 457 catch up status is cleared.

Before the calendar year-end split, you may enter charitable contributions that employees designate on their CY SECC authorization form on the Charitable Contributions Detail (HNYU4) screen in the FUT AMT field. If you are adding a new charity to the employee’s record (i.e., new sub number), then enter only the sub number and the deduction amount in the FUT AMT field. Do not enter the frequency or start and end dates if you are inserting a new sub number before the file split. The file split program will clear current dated amounts and move future dated amounts into the current dated amount field. Also, a program will run before the file split to clear the inactive rows if:

  • Frequency (FRQ) = 0
  • Year to date (YTD) = 0
  • Future dated amount (Fut Amt) = 0

After the file split, agency accumulator totals will be:


YTD = .00

MTD = 1st semimonthly payroll totals (payroll paid on Dec. 15, 2021)

QTD = .00

PQTD = 4th quarter CY accumulators


YTD = .00

MTD = .00

QTD = .00

PQTD = 4th quarter CY accumulators

The files affected by the split are year-specific; CY data is kept separate from NY data. After the files are split, you cannot make changes to the CY files online. These files are:

Screen Description Screen ID
Agency Setup H0C
Employee Information H0B
Tax Tables H0A
Special Pays H10
Deductions H0Z
Subdeductions HNY
Report Selection Dates HNK
Defined Contributions HNC

The following files are shared and are not year-specific; CY and NY processes will use the same files.

Shared Files

Screen Description Screen ID
Employee Identification HID
Employee Payment & Tax History H0H
Employee Taxable History H0N
Employee Special Pay/Deduction History H0M
Employee Leave Activity HM9
Employee Leave Balance HM8

Note: If you make a change to data that appears on form W‑2 (e.g., a change to an employee’s address in HIDU1), contact your USPS representative to request a rerun of report 83 to post the change to the W‑2 file.

Personnel Management Extract File Warning

Agencies that use the USPS Personnel Management Extract Files should note the daily extract file will be quite large for certain segments.

If you have selected H0B, HNY, HN1 and H0Z segments on the HNK11 screen, you will be receiving records for all employees as a result of the split. We will be resetting the BRP level indicator and clearing out all YTD accumulators.