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Recouping Overpayments of Compensation

If the agency determines an overpayment of compensation occurred during the calendar year, the agency may follow the procedures for a reduction of the gross pay from a prior pay period by entering the transaction on the HUAU1 screen. This adjustment must be completed before processing the last CY payroll.


After following the agency’s procedures for recouping overpayments, the agency may reduce the employee’s compensation for the net overpayment for the period in which the employee was overpaid by using Deduction 49. Using this deduction will reduce the employee’s pay and no personal payment is needed from the employee. During the batch process a payment is generated and posted to Fund 9015, which is the same fund used to process returned monies. The agency must then enter an HTMU1 transaction to correct the employee’s accumulators/taxables.

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