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Enter Remaining Payrolls Paid in CY Before File Split

Agencies can continue to process payrolls paid in CY using routine entry and maintenance procedures until the file splits. This includes the first December semimonthly, November supplementals and refunds and adjustments.

This year, for USPS agencies only, the direct deposit deadline for first-half, semimonthly payrolls is Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018. The calendar year-end process will take place on Saturday, Dec. 15. This means that USPS will not be available at all on Dec. 15.

Any payroll generated after the split will have a payment date of Jan. 2, 2019, or later, and the earnings will be recorded in the NY accumulators. Also, procedures for entering CY reversals and adjustments will change after this date.

Note: System edits will prevent requests for a CY payroll on HSCU1 after the file split.

The first December semimonthly payroll, paid Dec. 17, 2018, will be included on the CY W‑2s. Any cancellations or reissues from this payroll should be processed as soon as possible, so that CY data is clean and in the proper period before the files are split.

Note: Run report 190 (Consolidated History) by Dec. 14 to produce a list of year-to-date totals. A summary version of Report 190 is also available (request on HNKPA). After the tax files are split, year-to-date totals will be from the current calendar year.

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