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USPS Calendar Year-End Close Manual
Reconciling Report 3011 and Report 527

Submit a Letter of Authorization (LOA)

Once the reason for the discrepancy and the corrective action have been identified, an LOA may be necessary to correct the problem.

  • On the LOA form, indicate all necessary corrections with a written explanation. Attach screen prints as supporting documentation. Take care to include all pertinent databases. This step provides an audit trail and will help you avoid further out-of-balance conditions.
  • Unless you are notified otherwise, your LOA will be completed within one business day.
  • Review the appropriate screens to verify that the LOA corrected the discrepancy.
  • Request report 3011 and report 527 again, if needed.
  • If an LOA is submitted for any reason that affects W2 reporting, request report 3011 and repost your quarter reports.

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