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USPS Calendar Year-End Close Manual
Reconciling Report 3011 and Report 527


USPS generates reports 527 and 3011 throughout the year when out-of-balance conditions occur. These employee-level reports identify situations that may cause tax reporting problems, such as negative accumulator balances or discrepancies between USPS databases. Agencies must research and correct the discrepancies indicated on these reports.

Report 3011 provides you with a detailed listing of the information recorded in USPS for each employee whose records do not balance, as follows:

Data Related Screens
Employee status, salary and pay rates, direct deposit, employment and service dates, PCA HØBUN, HØBUS, HØBUI, H7MLS, HNHLS, HN8U1
Year, Month and Quarter-to-date pay
Special Pays
Tax (W-4) information
Tax Accumulators
Pay and Taxable Accumulators (these fields appear on the W‑2) HØATB, HØATC, HØATX

Errors detected for the employee appear at the end of the employee detail.

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