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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 2 – General Policies

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Condition of Asset


These categories of condition apply:

New New or excellent condition.
Good Somewhat used or reconditioned property that, while still in usable condition, is slightly shopworn, soiled or otherwise precluded from being considered “new.” (The condition of the property does not impair the utility of the property.)
Fair Property that is soiled, shopworn, rusted, deteriorated or damaged to the extent that utility is slightly impaired; or reconditioned property that has been repaired or renovated but has since deteriorated and which needs or may need additional repair or renovation in the near future.
Poor Property so badly broken, soiled, rusted, mildewed, deteriorated or damaged that its utility is seriously impaired; or property that has been repaired or renovated but has since seriously deteriorated due to factors such as major wear and tear, corrosion or exposure to weather.


Agencies should use the definitions above to determine the item’'s condition and indicate the condition of the asset in the applicable field in SPA:

Valid Values

N New or Excellent
G Good (Default)
F Fair
P Poor