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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

Pass-Through Activity

Instructions for the SEFA Web Application


Agencies are required to submit SEFA and notes to SEFA using the SEFA web application. Submitting a hard copy of SEFA and the notes to SEFA to the Comptroller’s Financial Reporting section is optional.

You must complete SEFA before completing the notes to SEFA, as some of the notes are populated with data from SEFA.

The SEFA web application encompasses edits, ensuring that all required data is included. Contact your financial reporting analyst if data entry errors were made. The SEFA web application automatically groups CFDA numbers into the appropriate cluster, with the exception of Research and Development (R&D). The agency has to identify and enter R&D separately from other CFDA amounts.

If a hard copy is desired, agencies may download and print a copy of SEFA from the SEFA web application. The State Auditor’s Office (SAO) uses data submitted through SEFA as its source of information for audit purposes. This allows the SAO to have the data in an electronic format on a more timely basis and readily available for onsite agency audits.

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