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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

Notes & Samples

Instructions for the ONDSS Web Application

The Other Notes and Disclosures Submission System (ONDSS) web application provides a user-friendly and intuitive method to electronically submit note disclosures. ONDSS ensures uniformity of these disclosures for the CAFR Notes.

Agencies can save work-in-progress in ONDSS at any time and later recall their disclosure to edit or delete. Reports are available in HTML format and an option to download the attachment that was previously uploaded. ONDSS produces a statewide database used for CAFR reports and disclosures. All agencies with activity for these notes are required to use ONDSS to input and certify disclosures.

Do not submit a note to indicate “not applicable.” Instead, write “N/A” in the Text Disclosure box.

Agencies can remove and replace a previously uploaded file in ONDSS prior to certification.

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Deadlines for Entry [+]

The ODNSS certification is due annually by:

  • Oct. 1, 20CY (for simplified reporting agencies)
  • Nov. 20, 20CY (for full reporting agencies)

Disclosures Entered and Certified in ONDSS [+]

After transaction activity and disclosure information is entered in ONDSS, users can generate a report (in HTML format) that documents all comments and file attachments submitted through ONDSS.

Note: Screen prints from ONDSS will not be accepted in lieu of the required copy of the agency’s Notes from its published AFR.

Establish Security Access [+]

Ensure proper security access exists as early in the process as possible. Contact your agency’s security coordinator to request ONDSS access for each agency number you are reporting.

Verify proper security access was established by viewing the USAS Titles Profile (D53) screen as shown below. On the D53 screen:

  1. Enter R in the ACTION field.
  2. Enter DRNS in the TABLE ID field.
  3. Enter your User ID and agency number in the KEY field.
    If you enter your User ID without the agency number, USAS automatically appends it to the end of your User ID.
  4. Press Enter.
    Your name appears in the TITLE field if your security access was properly established.

Once security access is granted, USAS requires one overnight cycle to run before you can access ONDSS.

LINK TO:                        TITLES PROFILE                              PROD

ACTION: R    (A=ADD, C=CHANGE, D=DELETE, N=NEXT, R=RECALL)                     
               TABLE ID: DRNS                                                   
                    KEY: JSMI413111                                             
                  TITLE: SMITH,JOE                                              
                                                         STATUS CODE: A         
  EFF START DATE: 07202000   EFF END DATE:      LAST PROC DATE: 07202000        
 Z06 RECORD SUCCESSFULLY RECALLED                                               
 PLEASE ENTER FUNCTION                                                          

Note: In the sample screen above, the KEY field shows an enabled User ID of ‘JSMI413’ with access to agency ‘111’.

General Information About ONDSS [+]

System Records

Individual records are saved in ONDSS based on the agency.

Agency Number

You may access a different agency number if you have established security for that agency. Select your agency from the drop-down menu and click Go.

Screen Formats

Agency input boxes are the only fields available for entry.

Screen Navigation

Click Save to save the disclosure with the data entered up to that point.

Save Feature

Click Save and the status box displays the message Saving data. Once a disclosure is saved, click the Edit/Delete action tab to make any changes to the existing disclosure.

Disclosure Screens

The disclosure screen includes a note disclosure section for entry of the other note descriptions.

Log Into ONDSS [+]

Once proper security authorization is established, you can access ONDSS.

  1. Enter your USER ID.
    Your User ID is the same as your ACID used to access the Comptroller’s mainframe and USAS.
  2. Enter your PASSWORD.
    This is your USAS password.
  3. Click Submit to enter ONDSS.

If your ONDSS security access is denied and an error message displays, contact your agency’s security coordinator.

ONDSS loads the data for other notes and disclosures and a status bar appears below the login information indicating that the system is processing. After processing is complete, ONDSS returns to the Home screen.

Selecting an Agency and Choosing Note Disclosures [+]

The agency name(s) and number(s) are automatically retrieved from the security access permissible by your User ID. If you have access to multiple agencies, a drop-down menu displays a list of agencies for which you have access.

  1. Select the agency from the drop-down menu.

    screen shot of agency selection

  2. Click Go.
    The screen refreshes and displays the selected agency.
  3. Click an applicable Note under Other Notes or Other Disclosures banner in the left navigation menu to begin entering disclosure information.

Adding, Editing or Deleting Other Notes or Disclosures [+]

  1. Choose an applicable Note under Other Notes or Other Disclosures banner in the left navigation menu.

    The disclosure screen has two actions:

    Add and Edit/Delete. This screen automatically defaults to the Add action tab.

    screen shot of add-edit-delete tabs

Adding a Disclosure

  1. Select the disclosure in the left navigation menu to add.
  2. Press Tab to navigate to the data entry field.
  3. Enter the applicable data.
  4. Click Upload File to upload the necessary file.
  5. Click Browse to open a finder window that allows you to select the Microsoft Excel file you want to upload.

    screen shot of upload

  6. Click Continue.

    Note: Only ONE Word or Excel file can be uploaded. Ensure that all pertinent information is included in your single Word/Excel file. You may create multiple tabs, if necessary.

    After uploading the file, ONDSS returns to the main disclosure screen.

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the disclosure screen.
    The screen automatically refreshes and moves the saved data to the Edit/Delete action tab.

Editing a Disclosure

If the agency is listed, a disclosure was previously saved to the system — only an edit/delete to this disclosure is allowed.

  1. Select applicable Note under Other Notes or Other Disclosures banner in the left navigation menu to edit.
  2. Click the Edit/Delete action tab.
    ODNSS displays the data as currently saved.
  3. Press Tab to navigate to the data entry field.
  4. Edit the data.
  5. Click Save.
    ONDSS returns to the edit screen.
  6. Click Log Out to exit ONDSS.

Deleting a Disclosure

  1. Select applicable Note under Other Notes or Other Disclosures in the left navigation menu to edit.
  2. Click the Edit/Delete action tab to access the disclosure.
    ONDSS displays the data as currently saved.
  3. Click Delete.
    ONDSS returns to the edit/delete screen.
  4. Click Log Out to exit ONDSS.

Agencies can remove and replace a previously uploaded file in ODNSS prior to certification.

  1. Select Remove File.
  2. Select Remove File again (required).
  3. Select Browse to route to the new file to upload.
  4. Choose the new file to upload and click Continue.
  5. The message SAVE required for Uploaded/Removed file displays.
  6. Click Save to complete the upload.

Reports [+]

ODNSS reports are the agency’s official submission of other notes or other disclosures information for the CAFR process. Viewing reports (HTML format) is an option available on disclosure screens and may be selected at any time. You may only view reports for any agency for which you have established security.

To view a report:

  1. Click Reports in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Select the agency from the drop-down menu.

    screen shot of reports dropdown

  3. Click All comments and File Attachments to generate a report.

Certification [+]

From the Home screen:

  1. Select the Agency from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Go.
  3. Click either:
    • View Certification Status
      Displays the agency’s certification status.
    • Certify
      You are confirming that all disclosures are complete. Once certified, all disclosures are locked — however, you may still run reports.

If an adjustment is necessary after certification, please contact your financial reporting analyst.

ONDSS for Consolidated University Systems [+]

Each consolidated university system (Agency numbers 793, 794, 795, 797, 798 and 799) must enter the information for all of its component universities in summary as described above.

IMPORTANT: Components of university systems must not use ONDSS.

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