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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

General Revenue Reconciliation

General Introduction


The GR reconciliation applies only to appropriated fund 0001. Funds other than appropriated fund 0001 do not report any legislative appropriation amounts on the balance sheet or the operating statement and therefore do not have a GR reconciliation. Universities must not include appropriations related to funds held outside the state treasury (agency fund 7999).

Appropriated funds have a controlling agency that usually is the main collector of the revenue source that supports expenditures, etc. for the fund and may or may not share the fund with a non-controlling agency. For appropriated fund 0001, the controlling agency is agency 902 with all the sales tax, etc. collections as the revenue source. Many other agencies share appropriated fund 0001 and must have legislative appropriation authority to spend from the fund. These non-controlling agencies do not usually have a revenue source to report on their operating statement to support the appropriation authority for the expenditures, nor the actual cash to report on their balance sheet.

Therefore, the non-controlling agencies report the total appropriation authority they were given for that fiscal year as revenue. The agency reports their remaining legislative appropriation authority at fiscal year-end as an asset. The GR reconciliation helps calculate these legislative appropriation amounts the non-controlling agencies report for appropriated fund 0001. The amounts the non-controlling agencies report on their AFR must reconcile to the net activity posting to appropriated fund 0001 CIST and the cash balance reported for the fund by agency 902.

The cumulative amounts of legislative appropriation revenue reported by the non-controlling agencies are eliminated and reclassified in the CAFR as a transfer in. The corresponding transfer out is reported under agency 902. On the balance sheet, the legislative appropriation asset balance is reclassified as a due from and the corresponding due to must be reported under agency 902. These entries are needed because legislative appropriation revenue and legislative appropriation asset balance are not reported in the CAFR. Agency 902 reports the actual revenue source (sales tax, etc.) and GL 0045 CIST balance for appropriated fund 0001 in the CAFR.

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