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2012 Updates Table - Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities


2012 Updates Table

The following table displays all content changes to this website. Updates critical to the reporting requirements (policies/procedures) are indicated with highlighted rows.

Changes to this website
 08/30/2012 Clarified USAS SDSI entries.
 08/27/2012 Updated financial reporting analyst contact information.
 08/22/2012 Added the 2012 Appendices Excel files.
 08/10/2012 Updated the Higher Education templates located on the Templates and Sample Exhibits page.
 08/10/2012 Added training webinar video segments, transcripts and additional Q&As on the AFR Training page.
 08/07/2012 Corrected verbiage on the AFR Ad Hoc Review Reports page to indicate that the CR_106 report is only used for GAAP fund 0001, GAAP fund type 01.
 08/07/2012 Corrected verbiage on the Accounting for Loan Transactions and Fund Balance/Net Assets, Governmental Funds pages to indicate that noncurrent loans receivable is classified as nonspendable fund balance only in the general revenue fund.
 08/07/2012 Updated the Ordering USAS Financial Reports page to remove the verbiage indicating that prior year reports must be ordered on Fridays.
 08/07/2012 Updated the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Reporting page to reference the correct federal government website used to change organizational information.
 08/01/2012 Revisions were made to the List of Simplified Reporting Agencies and the List of Full Reporting Agencies.
 07/20/2012 Amended item #10 on the Highlights page to include information on capital asset beginning balances.
 07/17/2012 Made minor corrections to Capitalization Thresholds table.
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