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Payment Cards for Payroll/Annuity Net Pay (PayCards)

FPP P.004

Bank of America Requirements

Information to verify identity

In order to issue a paycard to a payee, Bank of America must capture certain identifying information in compliance with the Patriot Act, as is required of all banking establishments. The payee must provide the following on the PayCard Enrollment Authorization (74-224) PDF:

  • His or her name
  • Physical home address (cannot be a post office box)
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Country of residency

Because this program is available only to state of Texas employees and state retirees, the occupation for employees will be Civil Service and for retirees will be Retiree.

Note: The information provided on the authorization form is critical. The new paycards are mailed to the address provided, so it is important the payee provide the correct residential mailing address.

What payees can expect

If the timing does not permit the card to be loaded on issue day, the payee will receive a warrant for that payment. After that, the payee can expect payments to be available on payment day just like direct deposit. Once the initial payment has been made, payees should have access to the funds on the paycard, except under unusual circumstances.

Fraud protection delay possible

Bank of America enforces standard fraud detection measures. The payee who selects a paycard for his or her net pay must be informed that there may be instances when the funds could be delayed. This delay could occur if the payee receives a single payment greater than $10,000. This threshold amount is a flag that the amount coming in to the account is greater than the upper limit expected to be received on the paycard.

If the threshold amount is exceeded, Bank of America must do research to ensure that no fraud has occurred, and there may be a short time when the funds are not available. If potential fraud is identified, the payee’s account may be frozen until the issue is resolved.


Bank of America offers the state of Texas a nominal fee structure for paycards. There is no fee for point of sale purchases, which may eliminate some costs to the payee for warrant cashing.

This fee structure remains in effect for 45 days after the payee terminates from state employment or notifies the paying agency that he or she wishes to stop using the paycard. If employees have an existing paycard when they become state retirees, they must re-enroll using the PayCard Enrollment Authorization form. Cards kept after employment ends, not as a state retiree, will incur fees based on standard Bank of America pricing, which will increase the fees for using the card account. Payees are encouraged to ask Bank of America customer service representatives about any potential fee changes.

Answering questions

Required disclosure forms about fees and any additional marketing materials should be given to each payee before enrollment. Once enrolled, the payee needs to contact Bank of America at (866) 213-4074 with questions about:

  • Lost or stolen paycards
  • Balance questions
  • Account fees

If employees or annuitants have questions about gross pay, deductions or net calculation, they can contact their paying agency for clarification.

Marketing the program

Bank of America has created marketing materials including warrant stuffers and flyers. The program is not limited to payees paid by warrant. It is available to all employees and state of Texas annuitants. Bank of America can also give presentations about the program on request. For more information, contact the Payment Services help desk at (512) 936-8138 or