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Payment Cards for Payroll/Annuity Net Pay (PayCards)

FPP P.004

Annuity PayCard Processing

  1. Annuitant payees of the Texas retirement agencies return the completed PayCard Enrollment Authorization (74-224) PDF to their paying agency.
  2. Paying agencies must review forms for legibility and completeness.
  3. Paying agencies must sign the State Agency Use Only section of the enrollment form certifying the required disclosure documents were received by the payee.
  4. Paying agencies submit the forms to Fiscal Management’s Payment Services section by encrypted email to, fax to (512) 475-5424 or interagency mail.
  5. Fiscal Management staff enters the authorization form information in the Bank of America Prepaid Administration Tool (PAT).
  6. Fiscal Management sends a report to retirement agencies with the routing and account numbers so agency staff can complete the setup of the direct deposit instructions.