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Settlement and Judgment Processing Guidelines

Issued: June 3, 2004
Updated: Nov. 1, 2018 – View Changes

FPP E.041


The guidelines and processing instructions for the payment of a settlement or judgment described in this Fiscal Policy and Procedure (FPP) comply with:

Changes to this document
11/01/2018 Clarifying language for Purchase/Payroll Voucher submission
08/22/2018 Added 1099 instructions for payment of attorney fees on COBJ 7221 (Pre-Litigation) and added clarifying language to Transportation Code reference.
08/11/2017 Updated through acts of the 85th Legislature, Regular Session; added Sample Transmittal Letter for Pre-Litigation Claims section; removed Settlement and Judgment Action Codes section
09/03/2015 Updated through the acts of the 84th Legislature, Regular Session