HRIS Compliance Reports

Issued: June 8, 1999
Updated: July 10, 2006

FPP F.003


Applicable to

Institutions of higher education


Payroll and personnel transactions must be reported to the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in a timely manner:


The Comptroller’s office collects and maintains payroll and personnel information on all state employees. The information is used to report statistics to various legislative and oversight bodies, media, and the general public. Institutions of higher education must report personnel and payroll events to HRIS as outlined in 34 Tex. Admin. Code § 5.41(h)-(j) (2013).

The Comptroller’s office produces two HRIS Compliance Reports on the 7th of each month to monitor timeliness of required reporting: one for personnel transactions and one for payroll transactions. Both reports:

Timeliness for payroll transactions is determined by comparing the payment date of the transaction to the date it posts to the permanent tables in HRIS. Timeliness for personnel transactions is determined by comparing the effective date of the transaction to the date it is processed in HRIS.

Compliance in HRIS Reporting

The Comptroller’s office uses the HRIS Compliance Reports to determine if an institution is compliant in HRIS reporting. Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. § 2101.0375 (Vernon 2008) authorizes the Comptroller's office to withhold travel expense reimbursements for late or improper reporting. Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. § 2101.0376 (Vernon 2008) provides an administrative penalty for late or improper reporting that causes the comptroller to submit an incomplete or late statewide report. The penalty may be up to $2000 per report that is late or incomplete. Current statewide reports include the EEO Report, Annual Report, and Veteran Workforce Summary Report.

A statewide report is a report the Comptroller’s office periodically submits to the legislature, the state auditor, or another state officer or agency. The reports provide statistical or financial information about the state agencies or their officers and employees.