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CAPPS HR/Payroll User Group Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Time: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Location: Travis Building, Room 1-100
Called By: Andrea Smith, CAPPS HR/Payroll Production Support Supervisor

Conference Call Info:
PLEASE NOTE: We have a new conference call number.
Conference Call Number: (512) 936-6761
Conference Number: 81410010 (Press 1 to confirm the Conference Number Entered)
Security PIN: # key to join the meeting

Members: Chelsa Vinklarek (CPA Service Provider, Chair); Norma Cortez (DPS – Large); Amy Ramos (CPA – Large); Valerie Luna (DMV – Medium); Shelley Knight (TCOLE – Small); Tunde Kelemen (HHS)


Preparation for Meeting

Please Read:
Printouts of the User Group materials will not be provided as of this month’s meeting.

I. Open Meeting

Objective: Provide agencies with updates regarding the CAPPS HR/Payroll Production system and current project efforts.

II. Action Items from Previous Meetings


III. Agenda Topics

Item Topic Presenter Duration Supporting Documents
1. Welcome/Roll Call Andrea Smith 5 minutes
2. Production Update: HR/Payroll Support Requests (SRs) Andrea Smith
Stacey Minces
10 minutes
3. Production Update: ASP Solution Center Field Changes Chelsa Vinklarek 5 minutes
4. Production Update: Emergency Leave Reporting Stacey Minces 10 minutes
5. Production Update: UAT for Production Agencies Rusty Charlton 5 minutes  
6. Upcoming Vote: SRs Submitted to Governance Stacey Minces 10 minutes
7. Project Update: HR/Payroll FY18 Deployment Rusty Charlton 5 minutes
8. Project Update: Recruit FY18 Deployment Alison Williams 5 minutes

IV. Closing Items

V. Adjourn

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