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CAPPS Financials User Group Meeting

Date: Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017
Time: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Location: Travis Bldg., Rm 1-100
Call-In: (877) 820-7831
ID: 952057#
Called By: April Shapley, Governance Coordinator
Members: Terry Wooten (CPA Service Provider, Chair); Louis Scott (CPA); Joe Meyer (TDI); Janie Duarte (TRS); David Chambers (DMV); Terri Counts (CCA); Daniel Fierro (TWC – Hub); Bary Hobbs (HHS)


Preparation for Meeting

I. Open Meeting

Objective: Provide agencies with updates of the CAPPS Financials Production system and current project efforts.

II. Action Items from Previous Meetings


III. Agenda Topics

Item Topic Presenter Duration
1. Welcome April Shapley 5 minutes
2. Production Update: Financials Support Requests (SRs) Chelsa Vinklarek 10 minutes
3. Production Update: Elastic Search Chelsa Vinklarek 10 minutes
4. Upcoming Vote: SRs Submitted to Governance Terry Wooten 10 minutes
5. Project Update: Financials Deployment FY18 Pete Marcell 5 minutes

IV. Closing Items

What topics should be included on our next meeting agenda?

V. Adjourn

Purchasing Focus Group

Item Topic Presenter Duration
1. CAPPS Purchasing Focus Group Sharon Kemp 60 minutes