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CAPPS HR/Payroll User Group Meeting

Date: Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015
Time: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Location: Travis Bldg., Rm. 1-100
Call-In: 512-936-6765
ID: 8358
Called By: April Shapley, Governance Coordinator
Members: Sona Holmstrom (CPA – FM, Chair); Kennan Zishka (HHS); Jennifer Pennington (TxDOT); Matt Martinez (CPA); Norma Cortez (DPS); Valerie Luna (DMV); Cynthia Rivera (THECB); Jan Evans (Supreme Court)


I. Open Meeting

Objective: Provide agencies with updates regarding the CAPPS HR/Payroll Baseline as well as the HHS Production system.

II. Action Items from Previous Meetings


III. Agenda Topics

Item Topic Presenter Duration
1. Welcome April Shapley 1 minute
2. Production Update: HR/Payroll (HHS) Support Requests (SRs) Sona Holmstrom 5 minutes
3. Production Update: HR/Payroll Central Support Requests (SRs) Sona Holmstrom 10 minutes
4. Project Update: CAPPS Talent Management Agency Deployment Rusty Charlton 5 minutes
5. Project Update: FY16 Deployment Rusty Charlton 10 minutes

IV. Closing Items

Any items that need to be included on the next meeting agenda?

V. Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

First & Last Name Email Role/Position Attended
Adrienne Rogers Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Yes
Alice Alvarado Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) – Statewide Systems Administration, Manager No
Alison Williams CPA – Governance and Training Yes
Allan Martin Department of Information Resources (DIR) – Project Manager No
Amy Ramos CPA Payroll No
Andrea Smith Office of Court Administration (OCA) Yes
April Shapley CPA – Governance Coordinator; Facilitator Yes
Brad Fenton CPA – Human Resources (HR)/Payroll Team Yes
Brian Poole DMV No
Cassy Englerth CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Charlotte Wallace Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) – Project Manager No
Chelsa Vinklarek CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Cheryl Groeninger CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Chris Anderson CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Chris Happ CPA Operations Manager No
Cynthia Perez CPA – Information and Technology (IT) Oversight No
Darryl Lindgens CPA Yes
Dave Hobson HHSC – Project Manager No
Dave Stamitoles-C DMV No
Dena Riede HHSC – Voting Member No
Diane Juul OCA – Budget No
Dina Czarapata CPA Yes
Don Land CPA No
Donna Clay Xerox Yes
Donna Harris Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) No
Ed Whiteside TxDOT No
Eduardo Marquis DIR – Project Manager No
Elizabeth Garcia DMV – Payroll & Leave Accounting No
Glenna Bowman OCA Chief Financial Officer (CFO) No
Helen Sparks CPA – IT Software Development No
Ivan Mazoch Xerox No
Ivan Smith DIR – Voting Member No
J.P. Wardle HHSC – Contractor No
Jeff Amato CPA – IT Software Development Area Manager No
Jeff Thurwachter CPA Yes
Jennifer Mutschink DIR – Payroll Officer No
Jennifer Pennington TxDOT Yes
Jennifer Williams HHSC No
Joan McMillan CPA Yes
Kelley Martin Xerox No
Kellie Turner TxDOT – HR/Payroll Voting Member; Project Manager No
Kennan Zishka HHSC – Voting Member Phone
Kenneth Dusing DMV No
Leo Collas CPA Yes
Lisa Donnelly Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) No
Mark Johannsen HHSC – IT Oversight Yes
Michele Lampkin DIR – Voting Member No
Mickey Gregory HHSC – Voting Member No
Mike Markl HHSC No
Morris Arnold HHSC No
Nancy Simmons OCA HR Yes
Nelson Rios TxDOT No
Nikki Zito CPA HR/Payroll Team Yes
Paul Garza CPA – HR/Payroll Team No
Pete Marcell CPA Yes
Phyllis Dawson DMV – Financial Reporting No
Randa Maldonado DIR – Voting Member No
Rebecca Kelly CPA – HR/Payroll Team No
Reggie Pegues DIR – Director of Accounting No
Rocio Perez TxDOT – ERP Project Manager No
RoShana Adamson CPA – Governance & Training Yes
Russell Charlton CPA – CAPPS Project Manager Yes
Sandra Woodruff CPA – Asst. Director, Fiscal Management No
Scott Blesener HHSC No
Sergio Rey sergio.rey DMV Phone
Sharon Brewer DMV – HR Director No
Sheila Benavides HHSC Yes
Shelley Casas CPA Security Yes
Sona Holmstrom CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Stacey Hassin CPA – Voting Member; HR/Payroll Team Lead Yes
Stephen Keltgen DIR PM Yes
Steve Duvall CPA – Time and Labor (T&L) No
Sylvia Hood DMV – Project Manager No
Sylvia Mraz TxDOT No
Tanya Aragon HHSC – Contract Oversight No
Theresa Pratt HHSC Yes
Tim Meredith CPA IT Support No
Tina Washington OCA Deputy CFO No
Valerie Luna DMV – HR No
Wayne Haynes CAPPS IT – Software Development No
  1. Welcome – April Shapley
    • Roll call for phone participants.
    • Quorum confirmed.
  2. Production Update: HR/Payroll (HHS) Support Requests (SRs) – Sona Holmstrom
    • Reviewed handouts with members.
    • There are currently 24 high SRs for HHS.
      • 19 out of the 24 are for Fiscal Year End (FYE).
    • The trend is down due to a large number of FYE SRs being completed.
  3. Production Update: HR/Payroll Central Support Requests (SRs) – Sona Holmstrom
    • Reviewed handouts with members.
    • Currently there are 58 high SRs for HR/Payroll Central.
      • 18 out of the 58 are for FYE.
    • The trend is down due to a large number of FYE SRs being completed.
  4. Project Update: CAPPS Talent Management Agency Deployment – Russell Charlton
    • The CAPPS Recruit and Learn implementation date has changed from mid-January to January 29, 2016 for DMV, DIR, OCA and OSPA. The 26 FY16 deploying agencies will go-live with Talent Management in conjunction with their HR/Payroll deployment scheduled for July 2016.
    • The implementation date for CAPPS Goals & Performance Management is still TBD. The vendor proposed a recommendation on a new implementation date change. CPA is reviewing this proposal.
    • Currently working on the Oracle solution for integration to Work in Texas and the CAPPS HR/Payroll Self Service Hire customizations.
    • The CAPPS Support team is developing integration for moving a candidate from Recruit into HR.
    • Completed the User Acceptance Testing for Recruit.
    • Recruit smoke test for round trip is underway.
    • The Recruit Acceptance Test for round trip was postponed 2 weeks, which delayed the implementation date.
  5. Project Update: CAPPS FY16 Deployment – Russell Charlton
    • 26 agencies will implement CAPPS HR/Payroll in FY16.
    • Items for Management Attention: Phase 2 Gap Analysis at Risk (analysis, design, estimate, build).
    • Key Activities for Next 30 days:
      • Complete Phase 2 Gap Analysis and Design documents.
      • Complete the initial draft of the Functional Configuration Workbook.
      • Complete Phase 1 Technical Design Documents.
    • Configuration:
      • Group B prototyping and Configuration Workbook is underway.
    • Design:
      • Phase 2 FDDs are complete; correction from the dashboard.
    • Build:
      • Phase 1 Build and Unit Test are underway.
      • Phase 2 Build delayed, pending FDDs and TDDs.
    • Training: Change Management is involved with the HR/Payroll deployments.
  6. Adjourn

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