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CAPPS Financials User Group Meeting

Date: Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015
Time: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Location: Travis Bldg., Rm. 1-100
Call-In: 512-936-6765
ID: 7171
Called By: April Shapley, Governance Coordinator
Members: Rebecca Murdock (CPA – FM, Chair); Reggie Pegues (DIR); Brian Wetzig (TxDOT); Joe Meyer (TDI); Ken Ming (TJJD); Sergio Rey (DMV); Ai-Ching Reed (TEA); Brian Roth (TCOLE)


I. Open Meeting

Objective: Provide agencies with updates of the CAPPS Financials Production system and current project efforts.

II. Action Items from Previous Meetings


III. Agenda Topics

Item Topic Presenter Duration
1. Welcome April Shapley 1 minute
2. Production Update: Financials Support Requests (SRs) Sona Holmstrom 10 minutes
3. Production Vote: SR 4976 Discussion Brad McMahon 30 minutes
4. Project Update: Financials Deployments FY 16 Pete Marcell 10 minutes

IV. Closing Items

What topics should be included on our next meeting agenda?

V. Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

First & Last Name Email Role/Position Attended
Ai-Ching Reed ai-ching.reed@tea.texas.govv Texas Education Agency (TEA) – Financials (FIN) Voting member No
Alice Alvarado Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) – Governance & Training No
Andrew Shores Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) – FIN User Group (UG) Voting Member No
April Shapley CPA – Governance Coordinator Yes
Becca Murdock CPA – Deployment Team Lead No
Beshara Shalesh CPA No
Bob Hopper Railroad Commission (RRC) – FIN UG Voting Member Yes
Cecilie Engle Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) No
Chris Happ CPA – CAPPS Operations Manager No
Clayton Griffis CPA – Financials No
Daniel Fiesno General Ledger Manager No
Darryl Lindgens CPA – Statewide Systems Yes
David Chambers TxDOT No
David Chambers Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Phone
David Galanski CPA – CAPPS Financials No
Don Land CPA – Budget & Internal Accounting Yes
Eduardo Plaza TXDMV Phone
Frank Guerrero CAPPS No
Ginger Salone Xerox – Project Manager (PM) No
Glynis Butruff Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Yes
Hammond Hendrix CPA No
Joe Meyer TDI – Project Manager Yes
John Scales CPA – Financials Team No
John Stewart CAPS Financials System Analyst Yes
Judi Bailey Accounts Payable Manager No
Mark Jayaram RRC Yes
Mary Beck Public Utility Commission (PUC) Yes
Melissa Luhan TxDOT No
Patricia Avitia Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) – Accounting Financials System Manager No
Patricia Gutierrez Tech Manager Yes
Patti Sanders Program Specialist No
Pete Marcell CPA – PM Yes
Precilla Hauer CPA Yes
Reggie Pegues Department of Information Resources (DIR) – Director of Accounting Phone
Renita Bankhead TXDMV Phone
Rickey McKinley CPA – Innovation & Technology (IT) CAPPS and Fleet Oversight No
RoShana Adamson CPA – Governance & Training Yes
Rusty Charlton CPA – PM No
Sandra Justice Sr. Accountant Yes
Sergio Rey DMV – FIN UG Voting Member Phone
Shawana Ellison HHSC – IT Financial Analyst No
Sona Holmstrom CPA – Production Lead Yes
Stephanie Moll CPA – CAPPS Contractor Yes
Stephen McDonald CPA – Director of Purchasing No
Steve Schiurring CPA – CAPPS Financials Yes
Suresh Sundaverajan CPA Yes
Susan Huang CPA Yes
Teri Augustine TxDOT – ERP IT PM No
Terri Whaley CPA – Financials No
Thanh Hermosilla TEA Yes
  1. Call to Order and Welcome – April Shapley
    • Roll call for phone participants.
    • Quorum confirmed.
  2. Production Update: Financials Support Requests (SRs) – Sona Holmstrom
    • Introduction of new Financial staff:
      • Lauren Denby/CAPPS Financial System Analyst
      • Anthony Martin/CAPPS Financial System Analyst
      • Jonathan Oberhoff/CAPPS Financial System Analyst
      • Craig Potts/CAPPS Financials Reporting
    • CAPPS Financials Trend Report (Dec 2014 – Nov 2015)
      • Sharp downturn in number of tickets is due to the code freeze.
      • 116 High SRs in various stages of work.
      • 25 of the high are in transition; working to prioritize.
      • Agencies are asked to please contact the CAPPS Help Desk (not deployment staff) for assistance.
  3. Production Vote: SR 4976 – Brad McMahon
    • CPA provided information on the Budget Date Default function.
    • The UG decided not to re-vote on this SR but to extend User Acceptance Testing (UAT) testing.
    • UG will be notified if an environment refresh is needed as well as a target completion date for UAT.
  4. Project Update: Financials Deployment FY16 – Pete Marcell
    • Financials FY16 deployment is on schedule.
    • The transition from Xerox to Accenture has been relatively smooth.
    • Business Objects 4.1 upgrade discussion is in process.
  5. Recap of Action Items

    Summary of Action Items

    No. Action Item Assigned To Due By
    1. PA will determine if a refresh is needed for SR 4976. Sona Holmstrom 2/23/16
    2. CPA will notify the UG of target completion date for UAT of SR 4976. Sona Holmstrom TBD
  6. Adjourn