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CAPPS HR/Payroll User Group Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Time: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Location: Travis Bldg., Rm. 1-111
Call-In: 512-936-6765
ID: 6976
Called By: April Shapley, Governance Coordinator
Members: Sona Holmstrom (CPA – FM, Chair); Kennan Zishka (HHS); Jennifer Pennington (TxDOT); Sharon Brewer (DMV); Jennifer Mutschink (DIR)


I. Open Meeting

Objective: Provide agencies with updates regarding the CAPPS HR/Payroll Baseline as well as the HHS Production system.

II. Action Items from Previous Meetings


III. Agenda Topics

Item Topic Presenter Duration
1. Welcome April Shapley 1 minute
2. Update on HR/Payroll (HHS) Support Request (SRs) Sona Holmstrom 5 minutes
3. Update on HR/Payroll Deployment FY 15 Rusty Charlton 5 minutes
4. Present and Discuss Deployment Enhancements submitted to Governance Becca Murdock 30 minutes
5. Update on CAPPS Talent Management Agency Deployment Rusty Charlton 5 minutes
6. Update on Upcoming Maintenance Chris Happ 5 minutes

IV. Closing Items

Any items that need to be included on the next meeting agenda?

V. Adjourn

Meeting Minutes

First & Last Name Email Role/Position Attended
Alice Alvarado Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) – CAPPS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Security Administration Supervisor Yes
Alison Williams CPA – Governance and Training Yes
Allan Martin Department of Information Resources (DIR) – Project Manager No
Allen Dufault Xerox No
Amy Ramos CPA Payroll No
April Shapley CPA – Governance Coordinator; Facilitator Yes
Brad Fenton CPA – Human Resources (HR)/Payroll Team No
Brian Poole Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) No
Cassy Englerth CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Charlotte Wallace Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) – Project Manager Phone
Chelsa Vinklarek CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Cheryl Groeninger CPA – HR/Payroll Team No
Chris Anderson CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Chris Happ CPA Operations Manager Yes
Cynthia Perez CPA – Information and Technology (IT) Oversight Yes
Darryl Lindgens CPA No
Dave Hobson HHSC – Project Manager No
Dave Stamitoles-C DMV No
DeLisa Beals CPA – HR/Payroll Team No
Dena Riede HHSC – Voting Member No
Diane Juul OCA Budget No
Dina Czarapata CPA Yes
Don Land CPA No
Donna Clay Xerox Yes
Donna Harris Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) No
Ed Whiteside TxDOT No
Eduardo Marquis DIR – Project Manager No
Elizabeth Garcia DMV – Payroll & Leave Accounting No
Glenna Bowman OCA CFO No
Helen Sparks CPA – IT Software Development Yes
Ivan Mazoch Xerox No
Ivan Smith DIR – Voting Member No
J.P. Wardle HHSC – Contractor Phone
Jeff Amato CPA – IT Software Development Area Manager No
Jennifer Mutschink DIR – Payroll Officer Phone
Jennifer Pennington TxDOT Yes
Jennifer Williams HHSC No
Joan McMillan CPA Yes
Juana Reyes CPA – Production Analyst No
Kelley Martin Xerox No
Kellie Turner TxDOT – HR/Payroll Voting Member; Project Manager No
Kennan Zishka HHSC – Voting Member Yes
Kenneth Dusing DMV No
Leslie Cruz NGA Phone
Lisa Donnelly Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) No
Mark Johannson HHSC – IT Oversight No
Mary Dubey TxDOT – Time and Labor (T&L) Yes
Michael Steedley CPA Yes
Michele Lampkin DIR – Voting Member No
Mickey Gregory HHSC – Voting Member No
Mike Markl HHSC No
Morris Arnold HHSC No
Nancy Simmons OCA HR Phone
Nelson Rios TxDOT No
Nikki Zito CPA HR/Payroll Team No
Paul Garza CPA – HR/Payroll Team No
Phyllis Dawson DMV – Financial Reporting No
Randa Maldonado DIR – Voting Member No
Rebecca Kelly CPA – HR/Payroll Team No
Reggie Pegues DIR – Director of Accounting No
Ricky McKinley CPA – IT Oversight No
Rocio Perez TxDOT – ERP Project Manager No
RoShana Adamson CPA – Governance & Training Yes
Russell Charlton CPA – CAPPS Project Manager Yes
Sandra Woodruff CPA – Manager, Statewide Fiscal Systems No
Scott Blesener HHSC No
Sergio Rey DMV Phone
Sharon Brewer DMV – HR Director No
Shelley Casas CPA Security Yes
Sheila Benavides HHSC Yes
Sona Holmstrom CPA – HR/Payroll Team Yes
Stacey Hassin CPA – Voting Member; HR/Payroll Team Lead No
Stephen Keltgen DIR PM Yes
Steve Duvall CPA – Time and Labor (T&L) No
Sue Park TxDOT – Payroll Yes
Sylvia Hood DMV – Project Manager No
Sylvia Mraz TxDOT No
Tanya Aragon HHSC – Contract Oversight Phone
Teri Augustine TxDOT Phone
Theresa Pratt HHSC Yes
Tim Meredith CPA IT Support No
Tina Washington OCA Deputy CFO No
Valerie Luna DMV – HR No
Wayne Haynes CAPPS IT – Software Development No
  1. Welcome – April Shapley
    • Roll call for phone participants.
    • Quorum confirmed.
  2. Update on CAPPS HR/Payroll (HHS) Support Requests (SRs) – Sona Holmstrom
    • User group members were provided with a report of all active SRs for 9.1.
    • Only the high and critical SRs are being worked due to the soft code freeze.
    • There are currently 11 high SRs.
  3. HR/Payroll Deployment FY15 – Project Status Update – Russell Charlton
    • CAPPS HR/Payroll was successfully implemented at four new agencies on May 13, 2015.
    • CPA is currently in the post-implementation phase, which will continue through August 2015.
    • Open SRs and reports are discussed weekly by the CAPPS Maintenance Team.
    • There are currently no major concerns.
    • There are currently 14 high SRs.
  4. Review Enhancements Submitted to Governance – Magdalena Foley
    • Magdalena reviewed the 8 SRs submitted to Governance:
      • SR 221: query to list contingent workers by hire and termination date and hours worked per day (based on date parameter).
      • SR 222: create a query or report to show the projected conversion hours for the entire agency. Agency will utilize for advance notification of employees time scheduled to be converted. The existing Fiscal Year End (FYE) Annual Leave Conversion Report shows the values that are updated with the process, but does not provide a projected report.
      • SR 223: create a query to show expiring time for entire agency. Agencies will utilize to inform employees in advance of their time to be expired.
      • SR 224: a tax report on quarterly wages by county and pay periods for each agency.
      • SR 225: a report is needed to identify employee and employer taxable difference amounts (OASDI/Medicare taxable gross/tax amounts).
      • SR 226: a report is needed to show employees not paid for Company/Pay Group/Pay End Date.
      • SR 227: a report is needed to show employees whose QTD/YTD tax balances are negative. This provides early detection and allows for the entry of corrective balance adjustments throughout the year.
      • SR 228: a report is needed to show payment expenditures by the position based on payroll details. This may be modeled after USPS report 153. This report displays payment and deduction data (gross to net) for each employee for the current payroll at sub-deduction level. This includes any adjustments or cancellations processed on that payroll. Current, MTD and YTD totals are provided on a summary page along with the number of transactions processed.
    • The survey to vote on these SRs will be sent to the UG following this meeting.
  5. Update on CAPPS Talent Management Agency Deployment – Russell Charlton
    • Talent Management will include the following three modules: (1) Learn, (2) Recruit and (3) Goals and Performance Management.
    • CPA is conducting preliminary scoping and project planning with Oracle for implementation of these three modules.
    • CPA does not currently have an anticipated Go-Live date for Talent Management.
      • CPA is working to identify resources for this effort.
    • CPA is working to determine when agencies will be engaged.
  6. Update on Upcoming Maintenance – Christine Happ
    • Maintenance to our shared storage will begin this weekend and will continue throughout the summer.
    • Notifications will be sent out for upcoming maintenance and any additional extended maintenance periods.
  7. Adjourn

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