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CAPPS HR/Payroll User Group Meeting Notes
Feb. 26, 2013

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Travis Building, Room 1-104


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from 2/5/13
  3. Vote on the “CAPPS HR/Payroll Service Request Workflow and Governance Process Document” (v.03)
  4. Discussion on the “CAPPS Reporting Approach”
  5. Discussion of the “CAPPS Reports Administration Guidelines”
  6. Closing Items


First & Last Name Email Role/Position Attending?
Alison Meier CPA – Change Management & Communications Yes
April Shapley CPA – Governance Coordinator Yes
Bruce Myers Xerox Yes
Charlotte Wallace HHSC – Project Manager Yes
Dave Hobson HHSC – Project Manager Yes
Dena Riede HHSC – Voting Member Yes
Donna Clay Xerox Yes
Ivan Smith DIR – Voting Member Yes
Jefre Schmitz HHSC Yes
Kelley Martin Xerox Yes
Kellie Turner TxDOT – FIN UG Voting Member; Project Manager Yes
Kennan Zishka HHSC – Human Resources Yes
Michelle Lampkin DIR – Voting Member Yes
Mickey Gregory HHSC – Voting Member Yes
Mike Markl HHSC Yes
Nikki Zito HHSC Yes
Pollett Jones-Reasonover HHSC Yes
Sandra Woodruff CPA – Manager, Statewide Fiscal Systems Yes
Stacey Hassin CPA – Voting Member; HCM Team Lead Yes
Theresa Pratt HHSC Yes
Thomas Hollingsworth CPA – Assistant Area Manager, CAPPS/Portal/Fleet Yes

Meeting Minutes

  1. Review Action Items From Previous Meeting
    • Action Item #1: Discuss DIR and TxDOT’s access to ASP/CAPPS system so they can be more informed with discussions around the Service Requests (SRs)
      • Status: in progress
    • Action Item #2: Edit the “CAPPS HR/Payroll Service Request Workflow and Governance Process Document” (v.03) to reflect changes from the User Group meeting and send to members
      • Status: complete
    • Action Item #3: Discuss how to utilize the “Date Requested By” entry in ASP to be more useful in the prioritization process and provide suggestions to the User Group
      • Status: in progress (additional updates below)
    • Action Item #4: Determine if there are any additional fields (current or that need to be developed) that can be used to prioritize SRs
      • Status: in progress
    • Action Item #5: Review submitted enhancements and ensure the SRs reflect accurate and up-to-date information
      • Status: in progress
    • Action Item #6: Work with Dena Riede (HHSC Voting Member) to review the enhancement SRs
      • Status: closed – Dena only wanted to know the name of her new analyst
    • Action Item #7: Send the HCM Team Contact List to HHS with office phone numbers and email addresses
      • Status: in progress
  2. “Date Requested By” in ASP Solution Center Discussion (Action Item #3)
    • ASP currently requires the Agency Level 1 user to enter a “date requested by” but there is a possibility to make this field optional since a deadline date is not always known.
    • If a deadline date is known, the agencies are again encouraged to include a justification in the notes field so that CPA and Xerox can better prioritize requests.
    • Once the “date requested by” is optional instead of mandatory, CPA will send an email to notify the Level 1 Users and will also update the Level 1 User Guide.
    • HHSC will need to discuss their process for entering SRs moving forward with their vendor partner NGA.
  3. Additional Fields to Prioritize Service Requests (Action Item #4)
    • CPA suggests that agencies define their criteria to help prioritize SRs.
    • Characteristics such as a high number of impacted users and/or frequency of an issue could be defining criteria to automatically change an SR priority to “high.”
    • CPA reminds all agencies that the SR priority level will not be changed without contacting the agency first.
    • Currently HHSC is the only agency on CAPPS HR/Payroll but the process needs to be defined now before other agencies go live.
    • The focus for now needs to be on fixes — not enhancements — while the CAPPS Maintenance team continues work to stabilize the system.
    • HHSC would like Nikki Zito’s email address to be verified on the distribution lists.
    • HHSC does not need to include any functional analysts on the SR email distribution list because all of the key people are automatically sent the email in Fiscal Management.
    • If any current “mediums” need to be changed to “high” then HHSC needs to contact CPA and provide justification for the change.
    • CPA will update CAPPS HR/Payroll Service Request Workflow and Governance Process Document based on today’s discussion and send to the User Group for approval.
  4. CAPPS Reporting Approach and CAPPS Reports Administration Guidelines
    • The CAPPS Reporting Approach document has been approved by the Financials User Group but since it affects the CAPPS ASP (or CAPPS Central) it must also be approved by the HR/Payroll User Group.
    • This document applies to CAPPS but if/when HHSC becomes a hub agency this will no longer apply to them. Hub agencies will develop their own reporting approaches.
    • If HHSC develops a report they think will be useful for CAPPS central they are encouraged to submit it through an ASP ticket.
    • DECISION: the CAPPS Reporting Approach document is approved.
    • DECISION: the CAPPS Reports Administration Guidelines document is approved.
    • Both documents will be presented to the Steering Committee at their next meeting on March 12.
  5. Action Items
    • Speak to NGA about process for initiating SRs moving forward (Jefre)
    • Once “date requested by” field is in production, send an email to the User Group (Donna/April)
    • Update the Level 1 User Guide to reflect “date requested by” functionality (April)
    • Verify NiKki Zito’s email address in distribution lists (Kelley M./April)
    • Review submitted enhancements and ensure the SRs reflect accurate and up-to-date information (HHSC Voting Members)
    • Review “medium” category SRs and change if needed (HHSC)
    • Update CAPPS HR/Payroll Service Request Workflow and Governance Process Document and send to the User Group (April)
    • Review CAPPS HR/Payroll User Group Minutes from Feb. 5 and send approval to April (Voting Members)

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