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CAPPS HR/Payroll User Group Meeting Notes
Feb. 5, 2013

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Travis Building, Room 1-111


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Introductions
  3. Questions regarding the CAPPS Governance Document
  4. Review CAPPS Governance Calendar for Feb. – June 2013, agree on future meeting timeframe
  5. Discussion of “CAPPS HR/Payroll Service Request Workflow and Governance Process Document” (v.03)
  6. Closing Items


First & Last Name Email Role/Position Attending?
Alison Meier Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) – Change Management & Communications Yes
April Shapley CPA – Governance Coordinator Yes
Brad Fenton CPA – Human Capitol Management (HCM) Team Yes
Bruce Myers Xerox Yes
Cassy Englerth CPA – HCM Team Yes
Charlotte Wallace Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) – Project Manager Yes
Dave Hobson HHSC – Project Manager Yes
DeLisa Beals CPA – HCM Team Yes
Dena Riede HHSC – Voting Member Yes
Donna Clay Xerox Yes
Ed Whiteside Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) – Voting Member Yes
Ivan Smith Department of Information Resources (DIR) – Voting Member Yes
Jefre Schmitz HHSC Yes
Jennifer Williams TxDOT – Voting Member Yes
Kellie Turner TxDOT – Financials User Group (FIN UG) Voting Member; Project Manager Yes
Kennan Zishka HHSC – Human Resources Yes
Lisa Donnelly TJJD Yes
Liz Kinnan CPA – HCM Team Yes
Michelle Lampkin DIR – Voting Member Yes
Mickey Gregory HHSC – Voting Member Yes
Mike Markl HHSC Yes
Nelson Rios TxDOT Yes
Nikki Zito HHSC Yes
Paul Garza CPA – HCM Team Yes
Randa Maldonado DIR – Voting Member Yes
Rebecca Kelly CPA – HCM Team Yes
Reggie Pegues DIR – FIN UG Voting Member; Director of Accounting Yes
Sandra Woodruff CPA – Manager, Statewide Fiscal Systems Yes
Stacey Hassin CPA – Voting Member; HCM Team Lead Yes
Sylvia Mraz TxDOT Yes
Theresa Pratt HHSC Yes
Thomas Hollingsworth CPA – Assistant Area Manager, CAPPS/Portal/Fleet Yes

Meeting Minutes

  1. Introductions
    • This is the first HR/Payroll User Group and attendees are introduced.
  2. CAPPS Governance Document
    • Per the governance document, this group will meet once a month.
    • Agencies are encouraged to invite any attendee they wish.
    • Service Requests (SRs) that are enhancements or large fixes are presented, discussed and approved in this environment before being presented to Steering Committee (SC).
    • The User Group is scheduled to meet the last Tuesday of every month so issues can be discussed here before being presented to Steering Committee.
    • Version 1.1 was signed with the HHSC Interagency Contract (IAC).
    • TxDOT and DIR have version 1.0 attached to their IACs.
    • Version 1.1 has the additional language to reflect the Steering Committee’s vote on Jan. 10, 2012 to allow “in transition to production” agencies to be included within CAPPS Governance.
    • All agencies currently within CAPPS are following the spirit of Governance Document version 1.1; however, the Steering Committee needs to officially approve version 1.1.
  3. CAPPS Governance Calendar
    • The User Group was provided with a Governance Calendar that covers Feb. – June 2013. It includes suggested dates of User Group meetings.
    • User Group members were agreeable to the dates noted on the suggested Governance Calendar.
    • The next scheduled HR/Payroll User Group Meeting is Feb. 26, 2013.
    • This meeting can also be accessed via conference call.
  4. CAPPS HR/Payroll Service Request Workflow and Governance Process Document v.03
    • The “CAPPS HR/Payroll Service Request Workflow and Governance Process Document” (Process Document) was created to provide more detail to the process that SRs go through once submitted.
    • A similar document was drafted and approved by the Financials User Group and the Steering Committee for use with SRs that affect the Financials system.
    • As noted within the Process Document, SRs will be handled on a “first come, first serve” basis also taking into account prioritization (critical, high, medium or low) and type of SR (data change, configuration, fix, information or query, enhancement). Refer to the Process Document for more information.
    • The automated survey tool referenced in the document is currently Survey Monkey but CPA reserves the right to change the tool at any time.
    • If an agency wishes to change the prioritization or escalate an issue, this can be done by contacting the Help Desk.
    • Agencies have three options to sort or obtain more SR information:
      1. Log in to Application Service Provider (ASP) Solution Center.
      2. CAPPS Status Report.
      3. Download the information from ASP in a tool with pivot table capability.
        • If any additional values need to be added to this tool to help agencies, please provide this feedback to CPA.
    • If an SR needs to be completed by a specific date (e.g., payroll requests), this information should be reflected in the notes.
    • Justification for the completed date should be included whenever possible to help the team prioritize.
    • Any legislative changes will be fast tracked. Agencies will be notified of these changes and will have detailed information.
    • CPA is closely monitoring the bills during session for anything that will impact CAPPS and will keep the agencies informed.
    • CPA also encourages the agencies to let CPA know if they hear of any legislation that they believe will impact CAPPS.
    • CPA will update and distribute a Help Desk contact list; however, they noted that the CAPPS Help Line, 463-CAPP (2277) is the number they should use to log an SR. Due to other CAPPS work efforts, resources may be assigned or allocated to other activities. The CAPPS Help Line is the best way to ensure issues are reported and addressed in a timely fashion.
    • CPA will try to give agencies four business days to review SRs before voting.
    • Xerox would like the agencies to review the enhancements they submitted to ensure they are still necessary and that all information within them is up to date.
    • David Cavazos of the CPA HCM Team will be working with HHSC moving forward and will sit with Dena Riede to review Enhancement SRs.
    • Agencies are encouraged to send any discussion topics to April Shapley prior to the User Group Meeting so she can add them to the agenda.
    • CPA will discuss DIR and TxDOT’s access to ASP/CAPPS System so they can be more informed with discussions around the SRs.
    • HHSC agencies are encouraged to communicate what data they need to Charlotte Wallace, HHSC Project Manager, so she can locate it within ASP.
  5. Action Items
    • Discuss DIR and TxDOT’s access to ASP/CAPPS System so they can be more informed with discussions around the SRs (Sandra Woodruff and Thomas Hollingsworth)
    • Edit the “CAPPS HR/Payroll Service Request Workflow and Governance Process Document” (v.03) to reflect changes from the User Group Meeting and resend to members (April Shapley)
    • Discuss how to utilize the “Date Requested by” entry in ASP to be more useful in the prioritization process. Provide suggestion to User Group (Sandra Woodruff, Donna Clay and Stacey Hassin)
    • Determine if there are any additional fields (current or need to be developed) that can be used to prioritize SRs (Agency Voting Members)
    • Review submitted enhancements and ensure the SRs reflect accurate and up-to-date information (HHSC Voting Members)
    • Work with Dena Riede (HHSC Voting Member) to review the Enhancement SRs (Stacey Hassin and David Cavazos)
    • Send HCM Team Contact List to HHS with office phone numbers and email addresses (April Shapley)

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