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CAPPS Financials User Group Meeting Notes
Jan. 31, 2013

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Stephen F. Austin Building, Room 220S


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Action Items from Previous Meetings
  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes from 10/4/12
  4. Discussion of CAPPS Reporting Administration Guidelines v2.2
  5. Update on CAPPS Financials Project Initiatives
  6. Closing Items


First & Last Name Email Role/Position Attending?
Alison Meier Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) – Change Management & Communications Yes
Allan Martin Department of Information Resources (DIR) Project Manager Yes
April Shapley CPA – Governance Coordinator Yes
Becca Murdock CPA – Financials Lead Yes
Cecilie Engle Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Yes
Dave Hobson HHSC Yes
Dave Launey Xerox Yes
David Galanski CPA – Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS) Financials Yes
Ginger Salone Xerox – Project Manager Yes
Glynis Butruff Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Yes
JoAnn Saathoff Xerox Yes
Joe Meyer TDI – Project Manager Yes
Kellie Turner Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) – Project Manager Yes
Linda Sifuentez Xerox Yes
Marty Gramlich Xerox Yes
Misti Hancock Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) Yes
Oscar Robles TxDOT – User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Coordinator Yes
Reggie Pegues DIR – Director of Accounting Yes
Robert Chapa CPA – Budget and Internal Accounting Yes
Sandra Woodruff CPA – Manager, Statewide Fiscal Systems Yes
Shari Curtis CPA – Budget and Internal Accounting Yes
Sharon Kemp CPA – CAPPS Financials Yes
Stephanie Moll CPA – CAPPS Contractor Yes
Stephen McDonald CPA – Director of Purchasing Yes
Steve Schiurring CPA – CAPPS Financials Yes
Susan Huang CPA – CAPPS Financials Yes
Thomas Hollingsworth CPA – Assistant Area Manager, CAPPS/Portal/Fleet Yes
  • Reggie Pegues is the new Director of Accounting at DIR. He will be taken Allan Martin’s place as Voting Member on the CAPPS Financials User Group.

1. Meeting Minutes Approval

  • The minutes from the previous meeting held Oct. 4, 2012 are not ready to review.
  • Once the minutes are complete, they will be sent via Survey Monkey for approval.

2. CAPPS Reporting Administration Guidelines v2.2

  • This document was presented at the last User Group meeting. At that time, the agencies requested more time to review and discuss internally before casting a vote.  
  • DIR is prepared to vote today but would like to request that training be revisited in the future and discussed further.
  • DIR would like more customized training to be available to address system nuances (i.e., PeopleSoft tables, universes and/or environments).
  • TDI would also like more guidance on how to perform queries and get the data they desire.
  • Xerox is already working on this and states that currently users can select a macro key to pull up the page they are on as well as fields for that page.
  • TxDOT agrees that some level set information would be helpful, such as a list of environment names.
  • CPA has this information and will send it to TxDOT.
  • DIR requests an updated FCM Contact List and CPA reminds them of the importance of using the Help Desk Line or ticket system for questions and requests.
  • CPA clarifies that Business Objects are standard and the universe is designed to categorize the fields.
  • CPA states that Business Objects were designed to be user-friendly and grouped in a way that agencies use data.
  • CPA wants to hear agency feedback for any suggestions.
  • DECISION: The Financials User Group approves the CAPPS Reports Administration Guidelines v2.2.
  • Thomas Hollingsworth is the only voting member not present. 

3. CAPPS Financials Project Initiatives

SR 1243 – Alternative to ApDesigner Access for Query Support

  • STATUS: In development.
  • PeopleSoft (PS) provides a delivered function (Ctrl+J) that displays an array of information on demand about the current application environment and the user’s current position in the application. 
  • This function provides the technical object names of the Menu, Component and Page associated with the application page displayed. 
  • These object names are required by agencies for two different purposes:  security and reporting. 
    • The CAPPS security teams can more efficiently and accurately determine the appropriate role to assign a user to provide access to a given page. 
    • Report and query developers use the technical page name in conjunction with the application designer as a means to identify the records and fields that store certain data for the purpose of then developing custom reports and ad hoc queries.
  • The modification of this function will suppress sensitive information and provide a custom link to display the record and field information related to the underlying application page.

SR 1862 – Convert Core Requisition Workflow to Baseline

  • STATUS: System Test is in progress with targeted completion date of Feb. 20, 2013.
  • This initiative’s charge is to implement the PS delivered AWE workflow for CPA and TDI and convert the workflow history (data) stored in custom tables into the delivered tables. 
  • Because the custom workflow is based on the framework, the conversion should have less impact on agencies.
  • Several benefits are gained by reverting back to the delivered code:
    • Most customized objects will be removed from CAPPS reducing the overhead required to support. 
    • Application of PS fixes, bundles and/or upgrades will be less complicated as it will not require us to feather in PS changes with our customizations; PS changes can be accepted as delivered.
    • CAPPS can leverage the support of PS for workflow issues that come up.
    • Impacts and issues from upgrades should be reduced.

SR 1827 – Asset Management Capitalization Functionality

  • STATUS: In development.
  • The purpose of this initiative is to consolidate State Property Accounting (SPA)-related assets in CAPPS into a single business unit and leverage newly added PS functionality in the process. 
  • CAPPS currently captures asset information in two business units: one for capitalized and one for controlled.
  • A single business unit for all SPA-eligible assets would:
    • Simplify all online asset transactions since there is no question as to which business units to add, update or delete.
    • Simplify reporting to a single business unit.
    • Simplify configuration – a single business unit means one set of asset profiles and categories.
    • Facilitate the integration with other modules – requestors, purchasers and receivers will have only one asset management business unit to select.
    • Simplify the delivered physical inventory functionality – all scanned property can be matched within a single business unit.
    • Remove the risk of submitting duplicate property numbers when interfacing to SPA.
  • This initiative facilitates asset component functionality versus components in SPA that are both capitalized and controlled.  Once the feature is enabled and configured, the system automatically classifies assets using the defined thresholds.
  • SR 1827 will leverage the capitalization threshold validation process which validates where assets still belong to the capitalization brackets as originally classified.
  • Module support functions are simplified.

SR 1813 – Redesign Financials Reconciliation (HS Recycle/IN Browser)

  • STATUS: Awaiting agency approval to proceed.
  • The current reconciliation of CAPPS/USAS data (USAS Archive IN Browser/HX Recycle Browser) is a manual process that requires several steps in reviewing and marking transactions for deletion.   
  • The manual process does not allow for an agency to perform large-scale data analysis or perform reconciliation real-time actions in a timely manner. 
  • The initiative to improve the current reconciliation process resulted in the recommendations outlined below:
    • Provide an HX Recycle Mass Archive/Unarchive process
    • Cleanup of data (HX Recycle and Interface Exception Report and HX Recycle)
    • Expand the use of the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) Proc Stat values for Journals and Vouchers
    • Develop public queries to assist in reconciling of transactions

SR 1847 – Requisition Load Process Initiative

  • STATUS: In development.
  • The Requisition Load program is being re-written to become more of a functional effort and provide a more streamlined approach for processing.
  • The existing process is being leveraged to create a customized Requisition Load Workbench page in PS that can be easily utilized by functional staff to run associated queries, validation checks and load to staging tables from one page.
  • This new functionality will eliminate the manual component of preparing and loading files through external Excel spreadsheets and will minimize technical intervention. 

SR 1485 – User Preferences: Copy/Import Authorized Requesters and Buyers

  • STATUS: UAT is in progress.
  • SR 1485 provides two new views for the entry of authorized requester and buyer information for a user.
  • The Fiscal Management team will now be able to copy all assigned requester and/or buyer information from one user to another.
  •  In addition, a file can also be imported to assign requester and buyer information to multiple users.
  • Currently, detail requester and buyer records or rows must be individually entered for each user.
  • The new processes will reduce the amount of time required for data entry and improve the accuracy of assigned requester and buyer information.

SR 1950 – Functionality for Copying All User Preferences

  • STATUS: Design is underway.
  • SR 1950 will provide the ability to copy "all" user preference information from one user to another.  
  • Fiscal Management will enter a source user ID and a target user ID in a new view.
  • Dependent on the preferences defined for the source user, a maximum of 42 user preference-related tables will be created and copied from the source user to the target user.
  • This will replace the current process where a high number of views may need to be accessed to individually add overall and module-specific preference information for a user.
  • This enhancement will significantly streamline the process for adding a new user to CAPPS.
  • The functional design is being documented and initial code is being developed.      

SR 1808 – Conversion of Crystal Reports

  • STATUS: Analyzing and prioritizing reports.
  • Crystal reports are delivered with PS but Crystal is now owned by SAP so Oracle will not support it.
  • There are currently 80 reports that need to be converted to Business Objects or into a PS reporting delivery tool.
  • Reports must be converted before the next release is implemented in February 2014.

SR 1807 – Convert TINS '2' Vendor Numbers to '7' Numbers

  • STATUS: In development.
  • This initiative will remove Social Security Numbers in the Texas Identification Number System (TINS).
  • TIN numbers starting with a "1" or "3" will not change.
  • All "2" numbers will convert to "7" numbers before the PS 9.2 upgrade begins in June/July.
  • Ad Logic will be used so each agency has their own vendor list with set ID.
  • The same vendor that exists in multiple agencies will get the same "7" number because it is a statewide standardized set.
  • Any history associated with the "2" number will be listed in the history of the "7" number.
  • Once the number is converted to a "7" number, that is the number that will appear in reports.
  • USAS will continue to process numbers beginning with a "2" or a "7" through August 2014.
  • After August 2014, USAS will not allow any "2" numbers to be submitted with certain exceptions:
    • If a vendor is set up and has a same day payment then a "2" based interim number will work and USAS will then change it to a "7" number.
    • Other exceptions are warrant cancellations and warrant voids.

4. Action Items

  • Review and approve FIN User Group Minutes from Oct. 4, 2012 via Survey Monkey (April Shapley to send to the FIN UG Voting Members)
  • CPA will send the list of FIN Environment Names to Kellie Turner at TxDOT (April)
  • CPA will send the updated Help Desk contact list to DIR (April)
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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