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CAPPS User Group Meeting Notes
Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012

9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Travis Building – Conference Room 1-111
1701 North Congress
Austin, Texas 78774


First & Last Name Email Role/Position Attending?
Alison Meier CPA – Change Management & Communications Yes
April Shapley CPA – Governance Coordinator Yes
Becca Murdock CPA – Financials Lead Yes
Dana Cook CPA – Statewide Financials Area Manager Yes
Dave Launey Xerox Yes
David Galanski CPA – CAPPS Financials Yes
Eduardo Marquis DIR – Project Manager Yes
Ginger Salone Xerox – Project Manager Yes
Hammond Hendrix CPA – Project Management Office Yes
Jeff Hodges CPA – Software Development Yes
Joe Meyer TDI – Project Manager Yes
Kelley Martin Xerox Yes
Michael Powers TDI – Procurement & General Services Director Yes
Oscar Robles TxDOT – UAT Coordinator Yes
Robert Chapa CPA – Budget & Internal Accounting Yes
Robert Snipes TxDOT – Financials Business Lead Yes
Shari Curtis CPA – Budget & Internal Accounting Yes
Spencer Earl TDI – ISAS Project Manager Yes
Steve Schiurring CPA – CAPPS Financials Yes
Tim Adams CPA – ISAS Manager Yes
Unyime Udosen CPA – Software Development Yes
Virginia Montalvo CPA – Budget & Internal Accounting Yes

1. Welcome

  • The purpose of the meeting is to discuss agency comments to the CAPPS Reporting Approach.

2. CAPPS Reporting Approach

  • All agency questions were answered and documented in the CAPPS Reporting Approach draft provided.
  • Comments that warranted discussion include:

    Page 4/Comment 3

    • TDI is concerned that the reports do not look the way TDI wants them to and these changes were made without consulting TDI.
    • CPA/Xerox explained this is not the way they will handle decisions moving forward but in this case they were under time constraints in order for CTIC to go-live on schedule.

    Page 6/Comment 7

    • Agencies would like to see the documentation showing table relationships in CAPPS.
    • CPA/Xerox explained that the PeopleSoft-delivered documents are extremely detailed and difficult to read.
    • TDI Management wants to understand where the data comes from to create reports.
    • TDI stated that their staff is being asked to perform BO related tasks that they are not capable of performing.
    • TDI wants information on the reports training plan moving forward.
    • Xerox expressed that this project is constantly evolving based on agency needs.
      • A year ago agencies wanted more control over BO so changes were made to try and accommodate this request.
      • Currently the project is working to find a balance between giving agencies enough control while also providing what is needed.
    • Agencies want to know which reports other agencies are requesting and using.
    • When a specific report is being developed and it is unclear whether BO will meet the agency’s needs, CPA will set up a separate meeting to discuss whether a different solution is required.

    Page 11/Table

    • At DIR’s request, CPA will review and determine if any Table 1: Report Type columns need to be re-named or if an additional column is needed for clarity.

    Page 17/Table

    • Projects and initiatives outlined in the Reporting Strategy Roadmap will be discussed further at the next User Group meeting.
    • CPA informed the group of the plan to get the CAPPS Reporting Approach approved. They will take the changes and suggestions discussed today and add to the document or gather information, if necessary. At that point, the document will be sent back to the CAPPS Financials User Group for review and approval. Once approval is received at the User Group level it will be taken to the Steering Committee level for final approval.

3. Action Items

  • CPA will work with CTTS to resolve their issues with the Revenue & Net Assets report. (Hammond)
  • Edit the CAPPS Reporting Approach based on today’s discussion and resend to User Group members. (Dana)

4. Adjourn

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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