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CAPPS Financials User Group Meeting

Date: Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012
Time: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Location: Travis Bldg., Rm. 1-100
Call-In: 512-936-6765
Called By: April Shapley
Attendees: Alice Alvarado, Alison Meier, Allan Martin, April Shapley, Donna Pasley, Eduardo Marquis, Ginger Salone, Jacque Canady, Joe Meyer, JP Wardle, Robert Snipes, Robin Haley, Sandra Woodruff, Spencer Earl, Stephen McDonald, Steve Schiurring, Thomas Hollingsworth, Tim Adams


Preparation for Meeting

Please Read: CTIC No-Impact and Impact Modifications to be voted on.

I. Open Meeting

Objective: Review and vote on CTIC Modifications

II. Action Items from Previous Meetings

Item Action Responsible Due Date Status
1. Begin preparing language to add internal CPA and TDI to the Governance model. Alice Alvarado 11/10/11 In Progress
2. Vote on adding CPA Internal and TDI as voting members of CAPPS Financials User Group after DIR and TxDOT have spoken to their managers. Voting Members 10/27/11 Complete
3. Send agency Level 1 support contact list to CPA Janet Serna 11/24/11 Complete
4. Schedule next meeting on 1/5/12. April Shapley 12/15/11 Complete
5. Post meeting information on CAPPS system page Alison Meier 12/15/11 Complete
6. Invite Tim Jennings to the next meeting Janet Serna 12/15/11 Complete
7. Share DIR Help Desk Status Report with metrics and send to April Eduardo Marquis 12/15/11 Complete
8. Discuss the possibility of sharing TxDOT Help Desk metrics Janet Serna 12/15/11 In Progress
9. Review CAPPS Governance Docs with TDI upon approval from Steering Committee Sandra Woodruff 1/5/12 In Progress
10. Provide UG with responses to questions regarding no impact changes. Ginger Salone 1/5/12 In Progress
11. Provide TDI and CPA-Internal instructions for UPK Access Steve Schiurring 1/5/12 In Progress
12. Schedule Technical CCB meeting Thomas H. 1/5/12 In Progress
13. Work with Technical Team to propose monthly/by request refresh of Sandbox Thomas H. 1/5/12 In Progress
14. Send additional Service Agreement feedback and proposed language to Alice Alvarado Thomas H. 1/5/12 In Progress

III. Agenda Topics

Item Topic Presenter Duration
1. Approve meeting minutes from 12/15/11. April Shapley 5 minutes
2. Presentation and Vote on CTIC Modifications. Ginger Salone 20 minutes

IV. Closing Items

V. Adjourn