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CAPPS User Group Meeting Notes
Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Travis Building, Room 1-100


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Action Items from Previous Meetings
  3. Questions Regarding Proposed Changes to Service Agreement
  4. Discussion of ISAS and TDI Joining the CAPPS Financials User Group as Voting Members
  5. Discussion of Incident Management Communications
  6. Closing Items


First & Last Name Email Telephone Role/Position Attending?
Alice Alvarado 475-0619 CPA – Manager, Projects & Operations Yes
Alison Meier 463-4539 CPA – Change Management & Communications Yes
Allan Martin 463-5973 DIR Project Manager No
April Shapley 463-4761 CPA – Governance Coordinator Yes
Deepak Chawla 463-8565 CPA – Asset Management Lead No
Ginger Salone 217-0600 ACS – Project Manager Yes
J.P. Wardle 475-0746 CPA – Statewide ISAS Project Manager No
Richard Lozano 936-8598 CPA – General Ledger Lead No
Eduardo Marquis 463-8477 DIR – Project Manager Yes
Brad McMahon 936-8550 CPA – Purchasing Team Lead Yes
Robert Snipes 486-5372 TxDOT – Financials Business Lead Yes
Sandra Woodruff 463-4947; 925-8206 CPA – Manager, Statewide Fiscal Systems Yes
Sharon Kemp 475-5645 CPA – Project Costing/Contract Administration Lead Yes
Steve Schiurring 463-3650 CPA – Financials Lead Yes
Thomas Hollingsworth 475-5642 CPA ISAS Assistant Area Manager Yes

1. User Group Minutes – Oct. 13, 2011

  • Approved

2. Previous Action Items

  • Next User Group meeting has been scheduled

3. Service Agreement Review

  • Eduardo will take the information back to DIR for approval

2.2.1 Overview of Hosting Services

  • Security needs to be defined better
  • Business objects roles needs to be defined for vendor and BI team
  • If there is a problem with a CAPPS report, the Help Desk needs to be contacted
  • Both reports and security are the responsibility of CPA and should be included in this section

2.2.2 CAPPS Environments

  • Add maintenance and ePM to the list of environments
  • Add FSTST as a user environment
  • Training should be removed for now
  • Add specific language to address UAT coordination and approval (somewhere in the document)
  • Only non-production environments will be available from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Add detail and description to different environments and prepare to discuss further at next meeting
  • Sandbox and UPK will be reported together, not separately
  • Clarify if the Comptroller's office will mitigate performance impact of queries by providing a separate data environment for reporting

2.2.7 Security

  • Remove HHS name but leave example or add CPA/SECO as an example

2.3.1 Support Services Overview

  • Strikethroughs refer to what we currently cannot create
  • Update language to "Service Request" — this is the language used in ASP Solution Center

Level 2 Support

  • Tech team to discuss how they can respond to tickets faster
  • Update so end user only has one point of contact

2.3.8 Centralized Access Management

  • Clarify access management vs. security management

2.3.9 Reports Administration

  • Discuss reporting language at next meeting

2.3.10 User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Add language to state that agencies are responsible for UAT
  • Delete paragraph at top of page 18
  • Phyllis Guillory is assigned as the UAT Coordinator

2.4.1 Coordination Services

  • Allan, Sandra, Robert and April represent the PMO in these meetings
  • Extend invite to Donna Pasley as well

3.2 Automatic Escalation

  • Set up workflow document for automatic escalation
  • Consult with Terri White to help determine the procedure
  • CPA is required to notify agencies if the system is down per section 2.4.2
  • Prepare to discuss these procedures at the next meeting

4.3 SA Monitoring and Reporting

  • Update to reflect agency ACR’s within 15 business days
  • The monthly report will be reviewed in these meetings and report details on all reported outages and Oracle tickets

4. Action Items

  • Follow up on the Action Item from Oct. 13 Meeting: Vote on adding CPA Internal and TDI as voting members of CAPPS Financials User Group after DIR and TxDOT have spoken to their managers. (Allan/Eduardo/Robert)
  • Send Level 1 support contact list template to Allan and Robert (April)
  • Send agency Level 1 support contact list to CPA (Allan/Robert)
  • Invite Donna Pasley (PMO) to next meeting (April)
  • Work with Tech team to discuss how they can respond to tickets faster (Thomas)
  • Set up workflow document for automatic escalation and consult with Terri White (Thomas)
  • Schedule next meeting for Nov. 10 (April, done)

5. Adjourn

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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