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CAPPS User Group Meeting Notes
Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011

9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Travis Building, Room 1-104


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Action Items from Previous Meetings
  3. Introductions
  4. Questions Regarding CAPPS Governance Document
  5. Questions Regarding CAPPS Service Agreement
  6. Discussion of CAPPS-ISAS Code Line Merge
  7. Closing Items


First & Last Name Email Telephone Role/Position Attending?
Alice Alvarado 475-0619 CPA – Manager, Projects & Operations Yes
Alison Meier 463-4539 CPA – Change Management & Communications Yes
Allan Martin 463-5973 DIR Project Manager Yes
April Shapley 463-4761 CPA – Governance Coordinator Yes
Deepak Chawla 463-8565 CPA – Asset Management Lead Yes
Ginger Salone 217-0600 ACS – Project Manager Yes
J.P. Wardle 475-0746 CPA – Statewide ISAS Project Manager No
Richard Lozano 936-8598 CPA – General Ledger Lead Yes
Robert Snipes 486-5372 TxDOT – Financials Business Lead Yes
Sandra Woodruff 463-4947; 925-8206 CPA – Manager, Statewide Fiscal Systems Yes
Sharon Kemp 475-5645 CPA – Project Costing/Contract Administration Lead Yes
Steve Schiurring 463-3650 CPA – Financials Lead Yes
Thomas Hollingsworth 475-5642 CPA ISAS Assistant Area Manager Yes

I. Call to Order and Welcome

II. Service Agreement and Governance document

These documents will have draft comments ready for the group to review by the next meeting.

  • Phyllis Guillory will be the owner of the Service Agreement.
    • Any changes can be sent to Phyllis and please copy April Shapley and Alison Meier.
  • Alice Alvarado will be the owner of the Governance Document.
  • Both documents need to define the environments.
  • Both documents need to provide sufficient detail with regard to metrics (i.e. test time).
  • Documents will be reviewed at the next meeting.
    • Allan is still waiting to find out who at DIR will need to approve.
  • The Governance document will be presented at the Nov. 10 meeting.
  • Both documents will be escalated to the CAPPS Steering Committee for final approval.

III. CAPPS and ISAS Code Merge

The code merge needs to be completed during the window before TxDOT implements FCM. There will not be an opportunity for any enhancements.

The User Group needs to:

  • Determine if anything in the maintenance environment would prevent the merge.
  • Determine resources.
  • Review differences between CAPPS and ISAS now.
  • Determine level of ACS involvement for reporting.
  • Work with ACS to determine a timeline and a plan.
  • Meet with ISAS team to determine next steps.

IV. Can ISAS Join the CAPPS User Group?

ISAS is not currently a voting member of the User Group but will be after the code merge. ISAS does not currently have Steering Committee or Project Management Office meetings, but they do have Change Control Board meetings.

Additional assumptions discussed:

  • Remember to focus on “ProjectONE” perspective instead of a “CAPPS” perspective when bringing in additional agencies.
  • Revise the Governance document because an agency is required to implement at least one FCM module in order to have a vote at the User Group level.
  • Meetings may need to be weekly leading up to the merge then return to monthly.
  • The User Group needs to review all of the code leading up to the merge, not just the changes.
  • Be clear with SMEs that the goal is to merge the two systems as-is.
  • Internal CPA and TDI representatives can attend meetings until vote is finalized and approved by Steering Committee.

V. Action Items:

  • Update the Governance Document and Service Agreement. (Phyllis/Alice)
  • Begin preparing language to add internal CPA and TDI to the Governance model. (Alice)
  • Vote on adding CPA Internal and TDI as voting members of CAPPS Financials User Group after DIR and TxDOT have spoken to their managers. (Voting Members)
  • Schedule another User Group meeting in two weeks. (April)

VI. Adjourn

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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