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CAPPS IAM/TDIS Implementation

Updated: Apr. 5, 2021

IAM/TDIS Overview

A new identity access management (IAM) platform for CAPPS will go live in June 2021 in conjunction with the Department of Information Resources (DIR). In 2020, DIR implemented a new security solution that made access to state of Texas business systems more secure and easier to manage. The Digital Identity Solution (TDIS) is a hosted identity and access management system that will be offered for various state government systems. IAM is the CAPPS-specific implementation of TDIS for the CAPPS environments.


TDIS/IAM will provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) access for CAPPS applications. If your agency has an MFA option in place now, CAPPS IAM will not replace it, but will serve as an additional layer of security.

Note: Agencies using MFA will have two logins:

  • Their current MFA login.
  • CAPPS IAM login.

Agency Responsibilities

The CAPPS support team will provide specific instructions closer to the implementation date.

  • All CAPPS Central agencies must participate.
  • When IAM goes live, all users must complete enrollment of their TDIS account before accessing CAPPS applications. Once IAM is live, it will be the only way to access CAPPS.
  • Participation in user acceptance testing (UAT) is also required. IAM was implemented in the UAT environment on April 12 and is the only way to access UAT now.
  • Agencies may need to adjust their agency-specific user support materials to reflect the new login process.

The CAPPS support team will provide supporting information such as FAQs, job aids and training material to agencies before TDIS and IAM go live. CAPPS IAM project updates will be provided during the monthly CAPPS user groups and via this page, What’s New and CAPPS News & Articles (login required). Contact the CAPPS governance and communications team for more information.