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CAPPS System Changes

The list of Service Request (SR) tickets below represents code changes that are now implemented in the CAPPS Production environment. Authorized CAPPS agency support staff have three business days after the listed migration date to review changes and provide feedback via the SR ticketing system. All other agencies users should contact their agency’s support staff for more information.

Migration Date Module Short Description SR Number CSR Number
03/26/2020 Accounts Payable Single pay voucher approval template not working 15227 STW-1981
03/26/2020 ePro Buyer not defaulting from origin 13012 STW-1998
03/26/2020 PeopleTools Batch groups configuration error 12176 STW-1734
03/26/2020 PY Payroll W4 form should default to 2020 version 19881 HCM-6660
3/19/2020 TL Time and Labor Exclude OPT holiday in FMLA hours calculation 17661 HCM-6559
3/19/2020 HR Human Resources Invalid insertion of prior state service 13705 HCM-6375
3/05/2020 Performance Mgmt Manager e-signature not displayed on printed form 17340 HCM-6564
2/27/2020 HR Human Resources Comp history page is not returning to search page 8436 HCM-6425
2/27/2020 TL Time and Labor Special Leave Award Issued 17162 HCM-6543
2/20/2020 AP Accounts Payable Document Type/Payment Type Error 17062 STW-2064
2/20/2020 HR Human Resources Enhance query to show all hour changes. 16079 HCM-6517
2/20/2020 PO Purchase Orders PO Print issues after STW1829 & STW1993 17905 STW-2092
2/20/2020 Reports, Recruiting Convert Agency Dashboard to Separate Reports 8827 REC-0045
2/20/2020 TL Time and Labor Incorrect email notifications from timesheet entries 1455 HCM-6545