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Restricted Expenditures — Facilities Management
Facilities Management Services

State agencies with facilities located in Travis County, or a county adjacent to Travis County, are required to use the facility management services provided by the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). Some exceptions to this requirement include:

  • Facilities owned or operated by an institution of higher education
  • A regional or field office of a state agency
  • Military facilities
  • The Capitol and Capitol Extension

For a complete list of state agencies not required to utilize the services of the TFC, please see Govt Code Sec. 2165.007.


Facilities management services
Any state agency facilities management service not unique to carrying out a program of the agency. The term includes services related to:
  • Facilities construction
  • Facilities management
  • General building and grounds maintenance
  • Cabling and facility reconfiguration

(Texas Government Code Sections 2165.007(a))

State agency
  • A department, commission, board, office or other agency in the executive branch of state government created by the state constitution or a state statute.
  • The Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, a court of appeals or the Texas Judicial Council.
  • A university system or an institution of higher education as defined by Texas Education Code Section 61.003, except a public junior college. ( Texas Government Code Sections 2151.002)

Sources [+]

Texas Government Code Sections 2151.003(1), 2165.007(b) (a statutory reference to the Texas Building and Procurement Commission means the Texas Facilities Commission in certain situations).