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General Provisions
Electronic Payment Cards (Paycards) for Payroll Net Pay


In early 2011, the Comptroller’s office began offering those state employees who are unable or choose not to obtain a bank account for direct deposit the opportunity to have their net pay directly deposited to an electronic payment card (paycard).

The electronic paycard is a fast, convenient and safe method for unbanked state employees to enjoy the convenience of a debit card that also serves as a branded credit card at reasonable rates. The Comptroller’s office negotiated a contract with Bank of America that offers greatly reduced and often free use of the electronic paycard. This allows unbanked state employees to have access to their net pay electronically on payday without paying check-cashing fees and carrying their entire net pay in cash.

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Employee Responsibilities

Employees who wish to obtain electronic paycards for their net pay must complete the Employee PayCard Authorization form (74-224) (login required) PDF and submit it to their agency payroll office. Employees must provide a physical address on the form, along with other required information. Electronic paycards must be sent to physical addresses, not post office boxes.

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State Agency Responsibilities

State agency staff should ensure that unbanked employees are aware of the electronic paycard program. Other payments such as travel reimbursement will not be deposited to the electronic paycard. Agency staff must ensure employees are aware that they will receive warrants for reimbursement of their travel.

State agency staff must process employee authorization forms in the manner prescribed by the Comptroller’s office in sufficient time to allow pre-note and still meet the deadlines for direct deposit. If for any reason an employee has been established as a user of an electronic paycard but the payment will not go to that account, the agency must tell the employee a payroll warrant will be issued for that month’s pay.

USPS agencies

If the employing agency uses the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS) as its internal payroll/personnel system, the form must be submitted by the agency to the Payment Services Section of the Comptroller’s Fiscal Management Division.

Comptroller staff completes the processing of the form and the vendor sends the electronic paycard to the employee’s physical home address. The agency receives a report from Payment Services staff that contains the direct deposit instructions for the electronic paycard. Agency staff must enter the direct deposit instructions in USPS as a checking account on the H0BUI screen so the net pay can be posted to the employee’s electronic paycard account on payday.

SPRS agencies

If the employing agency reports payroll to the Standardized Payroll/Personnel Reporting System (SPRS), the agency will have established security access to process the enrollment form. Once the electronic paycard is issued to the employee, agency staff receive a report from the vendor that contains the direct deposit instructions so the net pay can be posted to the employee’s electronic paycard account on payday.

SPRS agency staff must retain the direct deposit instructions in internal payroll systems and provide the direct deposit instructions when payroll documents are submitted through SPRS.

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Other Resources

For complete instructions on establishing Bank of America PayCards, please refer to Payment Cards for Payroll Net Pay (Paycards) (FPP P.004).

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Comptroller Responsibilities

Comptroller staff provides access to the authorization forms allowing an employee to designate that his or her net pay should go to an electronic paycard.

Additionally, Comptroller staff either completes the online entry of the electronic paycard account setup for employees or assists state agency staff in that entry as necessary.

Should the agency determine the net pay designated to the electronic paycard account must be reversed or called back, and if the justification is sufficient to allow the reversal or callback of the funds, Comptroller staff will assist in that process.

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Bank of America Responsibilities

Once the employee has requested an electronic paycard account and the paycard has been issued, the employee effectively has a banking relationship with Bank of America.

Any questions or concerns about the electronic paycard or the account must be handled by Bank of America staff — including inquiries on fees, access, passwords, statements, charges, or lost or stolen cards. The website and telephone number for Bank of America assistance is included in all Bank of America communications and on the electronic paycard.

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