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Texas Payroll/Personnel Resource

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Agency-Specific Provisions
Tips (Gratuities)


Certain employees of the State Parks Division within the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) may be eligible to accept tips (gratuities).

Eligibility Criteria

TPWD is responsible for determining the criteria for the acceptance of gratuities, including:

  • The employee, as a primary job duty, serves food or beverages in a restaurant, cafeteria or other food service establishment located within a state park and owned and operated by the department;
  • The employee, as an auxiliary duty in performance of a regular duty, renders a special customer service to an individual or group;
  • The gratuity is offered by a customer:
    • of the restaurant, cafeteria, food service establishment or hospitality unit of the state parks division in appreciation of being served food or beverages by the employee; or
    • of a hospitality unit of the state parks division in appreciation of receiving some other customer service from the employee;
  • The department has designated the employee as an employee authorized to accept a gratuity; and
  • The employee reports the gratuity in accordance with TPWD rules.

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Additional Resources

To learn more on entering this special pay, see Chapter 10 “Special Pays” of the USPS Process Guide.


Texas Parks and Wildlife Code Annotated, Section 11.0262; Texas Government Code Annotated, Section 572.061.