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Hold Special Circumstances
Payroll or Annuity Payments

Payroll and annuity payments are only held for delinquent child support reported by the OAG.

  • The OAG has the authority to offset state payments for child support. For more information, see Child Support Offsets.
  • The Teacher Retirement System, Employees Retirement System and Texas Emergency Services Retirement System can set up mail codes for child support deductions from annuity payments, which must include the Hold Bypass Indicator.
  • See also Direct Deposit Suspended.

Note: Payments to state employees other than payroll will be held for any state debt. This includes:

  • Lump sums of vacation and/or sick leave for terminated or deceased state employees
  • Employee travel advance and reimbursement payments
  • Payments to an employee who is also a state vendor
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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