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Becoming a Hold Source Agency
Application to Report Indebtedness

The agency must be established as a Hold Source agency for each type of debt it will report. To become a Hold Source agency for a state debt, complete the Application to Report Indebtedness form (74-188) (login required) PDF.

The form requires a relevant legal cite and description of the debt, as well as contact information to be provided to debtors. The Comptroller’s legal counsel reviews submitted applications.

Note: Agencies may not use Texas Government Code, Section 403.055, as the legal cite for the hold reason code.

If the application is approved, the Comptroller’s office assigns the agency a three-digit hold reason code and enters a description of the debt on the Agency Hold Reason Inquiry (RSNINQ) screen in TINS. The agency uses this reason code to establish and research hold information for that debt in TINS. The debt description is also shared with the payee on the Notice of State Payment(s) Held.

The application can also be used to update hold source information, such as legal cite or contact information.

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