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Reporting Debtor Records
Payee Hold Setup (PHDSUP)

The PHDSUP screen is used to set up a debtor on hold due to an outstanding liability with a state agency. PHDSUP includes Step 1 and Step 2 screens. The Hold Transaction form (74-154) (login required) PDF can provide the information required for entry on these screens. A debtor does not need to be set up as a payee in TINS in order to be set up on hold.

PHDSUP includes fields for the nine-digit SSN, ITIN and EIN. TINS will validate the nine-digit SSN, ITIN and EIN based on criteria established by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This validation does not match the number against the name.

Note: A 7 TIN may not be used to set up an initial hold record. However, once the hold setup has processed, TINS will display the 7 TIN.

Screen Example (PHDSUP – Step 1)

 PHDSUP                                                                MM/DD/YY 
                         PAYEE HOLD SETUP - STEP 1             
      _________   SSN - SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (9 DIGITS)                       
      _________   EIN - EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (9 DIGITS)               
      ___________ OTHER - COMPTROLLER-ASSIGNED (11 DIGITS)                      
 PRESS ENTER WHEN READY                                                         

Steps (PHDSUP – Step 1):

  1. Type PHDSUP on Line 1 and press Enter:
    If Line 1 is Entered… Then…
    Without an 11-digit TIN PHDSUP – Step 1 screen displays with blank entry fields

    Go to Step 2
    With an 11-digit TIN that is SSN-, EIN- or ITIN-based
    PHDSUP – Step 1 displays with the base nine-digit SSN, EIN or ITIN auto-filled in the appropriate field

    Press Enter for the PHDSUP – Step 2 screen
    With an 11-digit TIN that is a Comptroller-assigned number prefixed with 3
    PHDSUP – Step 1 displays with the 11-digit 3-prefix TIN in the OTHER field

    Press Enter for the PHDSUP – Step 2 screen
    With a 10-digit TIN that is SSN-, EIN- or ITIN-based

    TINS displays the message TIN Must Be 11 Digits

    Research and enter the correct TIN

    Note: Only TINS inquiry screens allow for a 10-digit TIN on Line 1.

    With an 11-digit 7 TIN

    TINS displays the message TIN Must Not Begin With ‘7’

    Research and enter the correct TIN. Please see the Data Entry Matrix.

  2. Enter one of the following fields, and press Enter:
    • SSN – Social Security Number
    • EIN – Employer Identification Number
    • ITIN – Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
    • OTHER – Comptroller-Assigned
    If the… Then TINS displays the…
    Nine-digit SSN, EIN or ITIN meets the validation criteria PHDSUP – Step 2 screen
    Nine-digit SSN, EIN or ITIN does not meet the validation criteria Number Entered Is Not Valid
    11-digit number entered in the OTHER field does not begin with 3 TIN Must Begin with ‘3’

Screen Example (PHDSUP – Step 2)

 PHDSUP                                                                MM/DD/YY
                              PAYEE HOLD SETUP   - STEP 2      
                      SSN: XXXXXXXXX                                          
              HOLD SOURCE: XXX                                                  
              HOLD REASON: ___                                                  
      HOLD EFFECTIVE DATE: __________                                           
         LIABILITY AMOUNT: ______________                                       
          PAYEE HOLD NAME: __________________________________________________   
      ADDRESS:  __________________________________________________              
      CITY:  ____________________________  STATE:  __  ZIP:  _____ - ____       
      PHONE:  ( ___ ) ___ - ____                                                

Note: Some fields are auto-filled and protected from data entry.

SSN, EIN, ITIN or PAYEE HOLD NUMBER: The appropriate Smart Label will be displayed to identify the number entered:

If the field entered on PHDSUP – Step 1 is… Then the Smart Label displayed on PHDSUP – Step 2 is…
SSN SSN with the nine-digit SSN displayed
EIN EIN with the nine-digit EIN displayed
ITIN ITIN with the nine-digit ITIN displayed
OTHER PAYEE HOLD NUMBER with the 11-digit Comptroller-assigned TIN displayed

HOLD SOURCE: Defaults to the user’s agency number and is a protected field.

Steps (PHDSUP – Step 2):

  1. HOLD REASON (Required): Enter the three-digit code identifying the reason for the debtor’s hold.

    Note: The HOLD SOURCE and HOLD REASON must match an existing combination on the RSNINQ screen.

  2. HOLD EFFECTIVE DATE (Required): Enter the effective date in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  3. LIABILITY AMOUNT (Required): Enter the amount of the debtor’s liability without a dollar sign or commas as shown in the following examples.
    Amount Acceptable Entries
    $18.56 18.56 (with the decimal)
    $1,856.00 1856.00 (with the decimal and two zeros)
    1856. (with the decimal but without zeros)
    1856 (without the decimal or zeros)
  4. PAYEE HOLD NAME (Required): Enter the legal name of the debtor, up to 50 characters. Periods, commas and % are not allowed in the name field.

    Note: The field is used for name searches on the PAYNAM inquiry screen.

  5. ADDRESS (Optional): Enter one or two lines for the debtor’s mailing address, up to 50 characters on each line. See Confidential Data Prohibition.

    Note: If you enter the optional debtor’s address, all address fields are required.

  6. CITY (Optional): Enter the city for the debtor’s address or the country name for foreign addresses, up to 28 characters.
  7. STATE (Optional): Enter state abbreviation for domestic addresses or two dashes (- -) for foreign addresses.
  8. ZIP (Optional): Enter the ZIP+4 for the debtor’s address or all zeros for foreign addresses.
  9. PHONE (Optional): Enter the debtor’s area code and phone number.
  10. Press Enter to process the information.
  11. If error messages display, make the necessary corrections.
  12. Add Record? (Y/N) will display. Review the information to verify it is correct. Enter Y or N and press Enter:
    • Y (Yes) if the information is correct
    • N (No) if the information is not correct

      Note: An entry of Y will display a successful update of the setup. An entry of N provides the opportunity to verify and re-enter the correct information.

  13. A dialogue box displays at the bottom of the screen.

Screen Example (PHDSUP Processed)

PHDSUP                                                                MM/DD/YY 
                              PAYEE HOLD SETUP   - STEP 2                       
                      SSN: XXXXXXXXX                                          
              HOLD SOURCE: XXX                                                  
              HOLD REASON: XXX                                                  
      HOLD EFFECTIVE DATE: MM/DD/YYYY                                           
         LIABILITY AMOUNT: __________5.00                                       
          PAYEE HOLD NAME: NAME___________________________________________   
      ADDRESS:  __________________________________________________              
                          ASSIGNED HOLD NUMBER: 7XXXXXXXXX4                      
   ENTER  PF-3                 PF-6   PF-7   PF-8   PF-9   PF-10                
   PHDSUP END                  PYHOLD PMTHIS BKRUPD PHDCHG RSNINQ               

ASSIGNED HOLD NUMBER: Displays the 11-digit TIN.

ENTER PF3, PF-6, PF-7, PF-8, PF-9, PF-10: Displays shortcuts to navigate to other TINS screens.

RECORD ADDED: Indicates the successful processing of the payee hold setup.

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