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Inactivation and Purge Processes
Inactivation Process

Mail Code Inactivation Criteria

The mail code inactivation process is scheduled on a monthly basis, based on a 27-month aging period using the date of a payment, voucher and/or maintenance history record for that mail code.

Mail Code Inactivation Clock Examples

Mail Code Activity Inactivation Date Example

No payments have been issued in the last 27 months


No subsequent transaction activity has been processed,

  • Mail code was last paid on 01/08/13
  • No subsequent transaction activity
  • Inactivation clock starts 02/01/13 based on the 01/08/13 mail code setup
  • Mail code will be inactivated 04/30/15

No payments have been issued in the last 27 months


A subsequent maintenance transaction processed after the mail code setup

  • Mail code setup on 01/08/13
  • Mail code change processed 03/12/13
  • No payments are issued to the mail code
  • Inactivation clock starts 04/01/13 based on the 03/12/13 mail code change
  • Mail code will be inactivated 07/31/15

TIN Inactivation

A TIN may have multiple mail codes on file, each of which may be inactivated based on the inactivation criteria. If all the mail codes for a TIN become inactive, the TIN’s payee master record will automatically become inactive because a TIN must have at least one active mail code for the master record to remain active.

To check the status of a mail code or TIN:

Inactivation Errors

Action TINS Error Messages
An update is attempted on an inactive TIN TIN Inactive – Update Not Allowed
A new mail code setup is submitted via batch for an inactive TIN Master Inactive – Mail Code Setup Not Allowed
A new mail code setup is attempted online for an inactive TIN Cannot Add Mail Code to Inactive TIN
An update is attempted on a mail code that is inactive Mail Code Inactive – Update Not Allowed

Inactivation Exceptions

  • Agency repeater TINs prefixed with 3 (3-XXXXXXXXX-check digit), where X is the three-digit agency number repeated three times
  • TXX mail codes maintained by the Comptroller’s tax system
  • State employee mail codes PRX (secured by USPS) or SPX (secured by SPRS) or mail codes 000 with CSO as the securing source (secured by HRIS)
  • Mail codes on transactions pending future date processing on the USAS Internal Transaction (IT) file
  • Mail codes on transactions on the USAS Accounting Events (AE) file with open encumbrances

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