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Warrant Policies
Void Warrants

Texas Government Code, Section 404.046 requires that a warrant become void two fiscal years after the close of the fiscal year in which the warrant was issued.


The state’s fiscal year begins Sept. 1 and ends Aug. 31. A warrant is issued on Nov. 18, 2020, which is fiscal year 2021. The void date of this warrant would be Aug. 31, 2023.

If a state or federal statute requires a different void date, the paying agency must notify the Comptroller’s office.

Once a warrant is void, it cannot be canceled or presented for payment. Claimants for payment on warrants that are void may contact the original paying agency and/or the Comptroller’s Expenditure Assistance section at (512) 475-0966 or See Miscellaneous Claims on eXpendit. If a payee deposits the warrant after the void date, the Comptroller’s Treasury Operations Division, Banking and Electronic Processing, will refuse payment, which may result in potential fees against the payee.

The Comptroller’s Treasury Accounting performs the annual warrant void process early September following each Aug. 31 void date. Funds from voided warrants for non-consolidated, special and federal funds are credited back to the paying agency. Funds from all other voided warrants are deposited in General Revenue.

Treasury Accounting maintains a table that identifies appropriated funds as consolidated, which are returned to General Revenue, or non-consolidated, which are returned to the original fund and paying agency. After the annual voids are processed, voucher files are automatically generated to credit voided funds to the designated funds. Copies of the annual voided warrant reports are distributed to all applicable agencies.

Treasury Accounting maintains an agency contact list for the notification and distribution of each agency’s voided warrant reports. For questions about this contact list and/or the annual voided reports, email