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WWIC Edit on ‘Cancel Doc Number’ Field

Effective Feb. 27, 2017, the WWIC system edits the ‘Cancel Doc Number’ field for its uniqueness within the current fiscal year. WWIC displays error messages for the following scenarios:

  1. When a warrant cancellation is submitted with a ‘Cancel Doc Number’ that was previously processed during the current fiscal year, the system highlights the field in red and displays error message: “This Cancel Document Number has already been used for the fiscal year”

    Click OK and re-enter the cancellation request with a new ‘Cancel Doc Number.’

  2. Multiple cancellation requests may be submitted with the same ‘Cancel Doc Number’ but only some of the requests on that document number are approved that day. Requests that are not approved that day will display error message “Duplicate C-doc: Remove or Deny” the next business day.

    Cancellation requests with the “Duplicate C-doc: Remove or Deny” error must be resubmitted to be processed in the current fiscal year. Before resubmitting the requests, one of the following buttons must be selected:

    • Remove Cancellation Request on the Web Warrant inquiry screen
    • Deny Cancellation on the Web Warrant Inquiry screen
    • Deny the request at the row level on the Approve or Deny Cancellation Request screen
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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