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Treasury Operations’ WWIC
DAFR Reports

The daily DAFR reports provide confirmation of WWIC warrant cancellations entered and approved by 5 p.m. on the previous day.

These USAS control reports provide details on which warrants were canceled or failed to process and why.

Report Number DAFR Report Name Description
2021 Batch / Document Processing Summary Information on Input Records (IN) submitted to USAS from agencies’ external systems — displays the status of the batches/documents processed or rejected
2151 Agency Batch Error Report Displays transactions in which errors were detected by the nightly USAS Input/Edit/Update (IEU) cycle
3214 Treasury Denied Cancellation Daily Activity Report Denied warrant cancellation requests
3221 Payment Cancellation Request Daily Activity Report USAS payment cancellation information, including requests from agencies to cancel USAS payments as well as payment cancellation requests that are pending due to errors
3251 Direct Deposit Cancellations Approved direct deposit cancellations
3252 Agency Payment Cancellation Activity Report Approved warrant cancellations