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Added handouts to Fraud Prevention Recommendations


Added Fraud Detection Process for Direct Deposit Payments


Updated Foreign Asset Control Requirements and Prohibition on International Payments


Added SSN / ITIN / EIN Validation Rules


Updated Policy on Letters of Indemnity


TexPayment Resource

Issued: May 12, 2017

FPP P.007

Note: Unless specifically noted otherwise, “agency” includes institutions of higher education.

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts created this website to provide state agencies and institutions of higher education a comprehensive resource for state payee processing information, including the warrant hold program.

The website includes instructions on how to enter payee data and make inquiries in the Texas Identification Number System (TINS). TINS is the Comptroller statewide system for tracking payee and payment information. You can also quickly and easily search for payment-related information.

Please contact the Payment Services section of the Fiscal Management Division to discuss your specific situation or for clarification about any topic found in this resource.

Tips for Finding Information

Training Available

Payment Services offers both classroom and web-based training on TINS and related subjects.

Please see the training links in the right feature box. Specialized training for your agency is also available upon request.