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Changes to Article IX of the GAA and Other Bills of Interest to State Agencies



Acronym Description
CAPPS Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System
CAT Contract Advisory Team
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
CPA Comptroller of Public Accounts
DADS Department of Aging and Disability Services
DFPS Department of Family and Protective Services
DIR Department of Information Resources
DPS Department of Public Safety
DSHS Department of State Health Services
EFF Earned Federal Funds
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERS Employees Retirement System
FPP Fiscal Policy and Procedure
FTE Full-time Employee
FY Fiscal Year
GAA General Appropriations Act
GASB Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GR General Revenue
GRD General Revenue-Dedicated
GSA General Services Administration
HB House Bill
HHSC Health and Human Services Commission
HUB Historically Underutilized Business
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IRT Information Resources Technology
IT Information Technology
ITCHE Information Technology Council for Higher Education
LAR Legislative Appropriations Request
LBB Legislative Budget Board
OAG Office of the Attorney General
QAT Quality Assurance Team
SAO State Auditor’s Office
SB Senate Bill
SECO State Energy Conservation Office
SPAC Statewide Procurement Advisory Council
SSBG Social Services Block Grant
SWCB Soil and Water Conservation Board
TABC Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
TAMUS Texas A&M University System
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TDCJ Texas Department of Criminal Justice
TDEM Texas Division of Emergency Management
TEA Texas Education Agency
TFC Texas Facilities Commission
THECB Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
TIN Texas Identification Number
TJJD Texas Juvenile Justice Department
TPFA Texas Public Finance Authority
TPWD Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
TRS Teacher Retirement System
TVC Texas Veterans Commission
TWC Texas Workforce Commission
USAS Uniform Statewide Accounting System
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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