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Fiscal Management Staff Contacts by Section

Section FAX
Application Security  
Appropriation Control FAX (512) 936-5972
CAPPS IT Operations  
Deployment – CAPPS Financials  
Deployment – CAPPS HR/Payroll  
Expenditure Assistance FAX (512) 936-2522
Expenditure Audit FAX (512) 936-2522
Financial Reporting FAX (512) 936-5972
Fiscal Analysis  
Fiscal Documentation  
Fiscal Management Administration  
Fiscal Systems Support  
Payment Services FAX (512) 475-5424
Production Support – CAPPS Financials  
Production Support – CAPPS HR/Payroll  
Production Support – Mainframe  
Statewide Systems Administration  

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Application Security

The Application Security & CAPPS Governance section is responsible for support and administration of application-level security of all FM statewide financial systems including CAPPS, HRIS, SPA, SPRS, TINS, USAS and USPS as well as the ASP Solution Center, Business Intelligence and SharePoint.

This section also works in conjunction with the CAPPS Deployment sections, CAPPS Production Support sections and the Mainframe Production Support section to deploy and support CAPPS, and provide support to Comptroller mainframe systems.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Dave Gray dave.gray@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0911

Security Staff  [+]

Name Email Phone
Leo Collas, Team Lead leo.collas@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6300
Mark Adams mark.adams@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8532
Christopher Bynum christopher.bynum@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4943
Shelley Casas shelley.casas@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-7597
Elaine Johnson elaine.johnson@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6625
Jim McGehee james.mcgehee@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-1936
Cynthia White cynthia.white@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4544

Appropriation Control

The Appropriation Control section serves as the primary contact between the Comptroller’s office and fiscal and budget personnel at state agencies and institutions.

The section provides an analysis of each General Appropriations Act introduced by the Legislature to determine if the funds appropriated are within the amount of revenue certified to be available. Section staff provides interpretations of the GAA and guidance on Comptroller policies and procedures, performs analysis and research on budgetary issues, provides financial information and interpretive assistance to agency and institution representatives and works with other oversight agencies on various issues to implement legislative policies and mandates.

The section monitors financial and budgetary transactions and is responsible for approving and monitoring agency and institution appropriation activity in USAS. The section also provides USAS functional assistance and training to agency and institution personnel. Other duties include maintaining the appropriation profiles in USAS and performing fund transfers.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Clarisse Roquemore, CPA clarisse.roquemore@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-3967

Appropriations Staff [+]

Responsible for monitoring state agencies’ and institutions of higher education appropriations.

Name Email Phone
Kristalle Erwin, Assistant Supervisor, Team Lead kristalle.erwin@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3301
James Dawson, CPA james.dawson@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-5607
Aurora Ramirez aurora.ramirez@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-7677
Margaret Redkey margaret.redkey@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4131
Ben Strauser ben.strauser@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-9019
Name Email Phone
Duvan Arsola, Team Lead duvan.arsola@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-4432
Trang (Mia) Nguyen trang.nguyen@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-5421
Viri Rodriguez viri.rodriguez@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6137
Melissa De Tarr melissa.detarr@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8451
Name Email Phone
Selena Meyers, Team Lead selena.meyers@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-9694
Erik Jimeno erik.jimeno@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-9927
Garrett Lentz william.lentz@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-9743
Natalie Miller natalie.miller@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0882
Name Email Phone
Drey Lord, Team Lead drey.lord@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0897
Reno Daniels reno.daniels@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3528
Michael Felan michael.felan@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-9569
Christopher Lea christopher.lea@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-5630

Statewide Fiscal Staff [+]

Responsible for transfer of revenues collected by the Comptroller as directed by statute to the administering agency; dispersals & allocations, and various sweep accounts

Name Email Phone
Armando Cantu, Team Lead armando.cantu@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3771
Annie Bocanegra annie.bocanegra@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-4427
Roberto Casas Jr. roberto.casasjr@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0150
Gina Schildwachter gina.schildwachter@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-5999

CAPPS IT Operations

The CAPPS IT Operations section is responsible for providing operational and technical support for CAPPS Central and Hubs, all associated interfaces, ancillary systems, reports, queries and overnight processing. Additionally, the section is responsible for all technical oversight of projects, production deliverables and infrastructure security.

This sections works in conjunction with the Application Security and CAPPS Governance, Statewide Systems Operations & Payroll Policy and CAPPS Deployments sections in their efforts to deploy and support CAPPS.

Primary Responsibilities

Lead Technical Advisor

Name Email Phone
J.P. Wardle jp.wardle@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-9475

CAPPS Deployments

The CAPPS Deployments section is responsible for planning and supporting the deployment of state agencies onto CAPPS Central and providing oversight support to agencies joining CAPPS as a Hub. Agencies join CAPPS as a Hub due to their size and/or complexity and are responsible for deploying and maintaining the CAPPS baseline on their infrastructure. The majority of state agencies join CAPPS Central (Financials and HR/Payroll).

Primary Responsibilities

Financials Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Rebecca Murdock, Financials Domain Lead rebecca.murdock@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8244
Deepak Chawla, CPA deepak.chawla@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-8565
Dora Garcia dora.garcia@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4876
Clayton Griffis clayton.griffis@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4509
Precilla Hauer precilla.hauer@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-8641
Susan Huang, CPA susan.huang@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-5678
Sharon Kemp sharon.kemp@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-5645
John Scales john.scales@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-8910
Terri Whaley terri.whaley@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3749
Barbara Zhang barbara.zhang@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6055

HR/Payroll Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Donna Clay (C), HR/Payroll Domain Lead donna.clay@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8528
Cassy Englerth cassy.englerth@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0791
Brad Fenton brad.fenton@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8542
Magdalena Foley magdalenafoley@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-9232
Paul Garza paul.garza@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8582
Rebecca Kelly rebecca.kelly@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8583
Stephen Keltgen stephen.keltgen@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-1031
Christine Stirneman chris.stirneman@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4021

(C) = Contractor

Expenditure Assistance

The Expenditure Assistance section provides information to state agencies and institutions on state expenditure laws, rules and policies.

The section assists state agencies and institutions to ensure the accurate and efficient processing of valid purchase and travel documents. This includes training on purchase and travel-related expenditures developed and conducted by the section.

Additionally, the section processes miscellaneous claims and settlement and judgement claims for a range of governmental entities and vendors. The section also assists state agencies with 1099-related data and activities.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Dolores Fojtasek dolores.fojtasek@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4724

Section Staff [+]

Section Staff

Name Email Phone
Jennifer Duran, Team Lead jennifer.duran@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-7375
Chris Colletti chris.colletti@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-5832
Richard Gibson richard.gibson@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0646
Vanessa Heckert vanessa.heckert@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-7806
Dipti Patel dipti.patel@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4416
James Ramirez james.ramirez@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4885
Steven Tubbs steven.tubbs@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4844
Vance Tyler vance.tyler@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-1046

Expenditure Audit

The Expenditure Audit section is responsible for ensuring compliance with state laws, rules and policies governing expenditures. The section conducts state agency and institution post-payment audits on purchase (including procurement), travel and payroll expenditures to confirm accurate compliance and payment processing.

Additionally, section staff conduct an annual risk assessment to identify agencies to be audited in the next fiscal year and analyzes audit period population reports of documents paid through USAS, USPS, SPRS and appropriated funds held outside the state’s Treasury to determine the amount of transactions to be audited.

The section also manages a recovery audit program that periodically requires 10–15 agencies to undergo audits for the detection and recovery of overpayments.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Somaia Farag somaia.farag@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0479

Section Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
William (Bill) Hornstein, Team Lead bill.hornstein@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0995
Jesse Ayala jesse.ayala@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8456
Anna Calzada anna.calzada@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4338
Mayra Castillo mayra.castillo@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-9746
Jack Lee, CPA jack.lee@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-5343
Derik Montique derik.montique@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-9761
Eunice Miranda eunice.miranda@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-2738
Steve Tamez steve.tamez@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0128
Name Email Phone
Thomas Kaufman, Team Lead thomas.kaufman@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4972
Ly Griffin ly.griffin@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4825
Roslyn Harris roslyn.harris@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4258
Kevin Kemp kevin.kemp@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4488
Angelica Villafuerte angelica.villafuerte@cpa.texas.gov
Name Email Phone
Alberto Lañas, Team Lead alberto.lanas@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4582
Scott Coombes scott.coombes@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-9813
Melissa Hernandez melissa.hernandez@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3254
Shanda Hernandez shanda.hernandez@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8489
Amanda Price amanda.price@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-1426
Raymond McClintock raymond.mcclintock@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4859
Aleksandar Necak aleksandar.necak@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-4450
Max Viescas, CPA max.viescas@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-8659

Financial Reporting

The Financial Reporting section is responsible for compilation and preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The section also prescribes accounting and reporting procedures for state agencies and institutions to use in the preparation of their individual annual financial reports (AFR).

Additionally, the section interprets and responds to national accounting and reporting issues and provides training seminars and individual assistance to agencies and institutions for the preparation of their AFRs. The section is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of, and guidance for, all USAS profiles related to GAAP-level reporting, the transaction code profiles and the general ledger profiles.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Shelly Arnold, CPA shelly.arnold@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4709

Assistant Supervisor

Name Email Phone
Lori Williams, CPA lori.williams@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4911

Financial Reporting Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Maricela Cayetano, Team Lead maricela.cayetano@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0557
Michael Hensley michael.hensley@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8526
Wyeth Osborne, CPA wyeth.osborne@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6365
Jacqueline Pree jacqueline.pree@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3837
John Walker john.walker@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4373
Name Email Phone
Ela Jochacy, CPA, Team Lead elzbieta.jochacy@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-5382
Chantell Franks chantell.franks@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-4978
David Haecker david.haecker@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8535
Gabriela Needham gabriela.needham@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3917
James “Wiley” Thedford james.thedford@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-1983

Grant Reporting Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Kip Anderson kip.anderson@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8537

SPA Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Stacy Parker, Team Lead stacy.parker@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-5895
Albert Kruzel albert.kruzel@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6350

Fiscal Analysis

The Fiscal Analysis section is responsible for maintaining the Texas Comptroller Manual of Accounts that serves as the chief reference guide for state accounting activities and prepares the Texas Annual Cash Report that conforms to the state’s cash basis of accounting.

In addition to researching, analyzing and reporting on the state’s fiscal and budgetary laws and policies, the section assists with costing of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) during each legislative session and reviews and signs off on all fiscal notes issued by the Comptroller’s office.

The section reviews and approves testing of Texas.gov transactions in USAS and is the primary liaison between the Comptroller’s office, Texas.gov and other state agencies for this function.

Additionally, the section provides ad hoc reporting for the statewide financial systems and staff support for the budgetary committees in both houses of the Legislature and is involved in other fiscal matters such as implementation of agency consolidation initiatives.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone

Ad Hoc Reporting Staff [+]

Ad Hoc Reporting provides a service where internal and external customers can request one-time reports containing fiscal, personnel, or payroll data from the statewide financial systems: HRIS, SPRS, TINS, USAS and USPS. Also supports the Open Records Division by providing responses to requests for information.

Name Email Phone
Neal Kelly, Team Lead neal.kelly@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4897
Ralph Pleasant ralph.pleasant@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4874

Manual of Accounts (MOA) Staff [+]

Maintains the Texas Comptroller Manual of Accounts (MOA).

Name Email Phone
Samuel Miller — Primary samuel.miller@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-5870

Texas Annual Cash Report Staff [+]

Produces the Texas Annual Cash Report.

Name Email Phone
Meagan Bunker — Primary meagan.bunker@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4914
Irma Toth irma.toth@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8449

Cash Management Information Act (CMIA) Staff [+]

Coordinates an agreement with the U.S. Treasury, files a report and pays interest associated with the CMIA.

Name Email Phone
Meagan Bunker — Primary meagan.bunker@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4914

Legislative Tracking Staff [+]

Reviews and tracks legislation and fiscal note estimates for Fiscal Management and impact on the MOA.

Name Email Phone
Meagan Bunker meagan.bunker@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4914
Mark Bures mark.bures@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0594
Samuel Miller samuel.miller@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-5870
Jennifer Paris jennifer.paris@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-1367

Statewide Systems and User Support Staff [+]

Provides user and system support with a focus on statewide accounting systems such as USAS. Performs analysis and data or table corrections for USAS system processing errors. Coordinates USAS documentation updates and USAS general ledger close.

Name Email Phone
Laurel Mulkey laurel.mulkey@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4584

Super Security Deletes (SSDs) / Central Profile Action Requests (CPARs) Staff [+]

Performs super security deletes and maintains USAS central profiles.

Name Email Phone
Joe Pacheco joe.pacheco@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6211

USAS Support Staff [+]

Provides USAS subject matter expertise as needed to CPA staff and outside agencies.

Name Email Phone
Laurel Mulkey laurel.mulkey@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4584
Joe Pacheco joe.pacheco@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6211
Jennifer Paris jennifer.paris@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-1367

FM Query / Business Objects Staff [+]

Provides support for FM Query and Business Objects.

Name Email Phone
Al Montes al.montes@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3965

Fiscal Documentation

Fiscal Documentation supports Fiscal Management by providing communication services for the division, as well as state agencies and institutions, in accordance with agency and division policy. The section is comprised of technical writers and graphic designers.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Jennifer Smith jennifer.smith@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4746

Fiscal Management Administration

FM Administration provides administrative and operational support for the division and directs state agencies and institutions of higher education to the appropriate section for assistance. The section is comprised of a receptionist, executive assistants and coordinators for programs, purchasing and training.

Fiscal Management Administration Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Shantel Geeslin, Team Lead shantel.geeslin@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-4486

Fiscal Systems Support

The Fiscal Systems Support section is primarily responsible for the receipt, analysis, review, coordination, scheduling and testing of all Application Change Requests (ACRs) for statewide financial systems including HRIS, Pay Subs, SPA, SPRS, TINS, USAS and USPS, and the statewide reports.

In addition to managing ACR coordination for mainframe systems, the section also provides website support and administration and Web/desktop systems support for the statewide financial systems.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Robert McLellan robert.mclellan@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4133

Mainframe Systems Support Staff [+]

The mainframe systems team is responsible for providing functional analysis, research, testing, coordination, and scheduling of all Application Change Requests (ACRs) for the statewide financial systems, including HRIS, SPA, SPRS, SWR, TINS/PaySubs, USAS and USPS.

Name Email Phone
Stephanie Holtzendorf, CPA,Team Lead stephanie.holtzendorf@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4065

Website Development & Support Staff [+]

Develops and maintains Fiscal Management’s Web resources such as the FMX and ProjectONE websites.

Name Email Phone
Michelle Chapman,Team Lead michelle.chapman@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8585

Web/Desktop Systems Development & Support Staff [+]

Web/Desktop designs, develops, implements and maintains Fiscal Management Web and desktop applications that support statewide initiatives and applications.

Name Email Phone
David Heffington,Team Lead david.heffington@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-9983

Payment Services

The Payment Services section is responsible for the distribution of state payments via warrants and direct deposit. The section administers the warrant hold and direct deposit programs, issues expedite warrants and assists agencies with setting up or updating payee information in TINS.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Cathy Willis cathy.willis@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0789

Assistant Supervisor

Name Email Phone
Tyler Taylor tyler.taylor@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4078

Section Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Monica R. Garcia monica.r.garcia@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-2676
Pamela Martinez pamela.martinez@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4871
Isabel Olvera isabel.olvera@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-1935
Carol Quintero carol.quintero@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4045
Nicole Roberts nicole.roberts@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-6293
Amelia Rodriguez amelia.rodriguez@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3799
Jason Roybal jason.roybal@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-2016
Kim Strick kim.strick@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0291
Franny Villareal franny.villareal@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4036

Production Support (CAPPS Financials; CAPPS HR/Payroll; Mainframe Systems)

The CAPPS Production Support sections are responsible for supporting all CAPPS Central agencies on all facets of processing personnel payroll and accounting information in CAPPS and provide oversight support to agencies joining CAPPS as a HUB (agencies responsible for deploying and maintaining the CAPPS baseline on their infrastructure).

Additionally, the Mainframe Support section is responsible for supporting agencies and institutions on all facets of processing payroll and personnel information in USPS and SPRS and reporting information in HRIS. This section also documents, interprets and communicates state salary administration policy information and assists with the production and reconciliation of statewide personnel reports.

Primary Responsibilities

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Tony Martin anthony.martin@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4192

Production Support – CAPPS Financials [+]


Name Email Phone
David Chang david.chang@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-5607
Marie (Michelle) Cohen marie.cohen@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0110
Lauren Denby Lauren.Denby@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0076
Thelma Garcia thelma.garcia@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-9965
Johnathan Oberhoff johnathan.oberhoff@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8461

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Andrea Smith andrea.smith@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3467

Production Support – CAPPS HR/Payroll [+]

Name Email Phone
Toni Brown toni.brown@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8544
Lori Ely lori.ely@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-9913
Saundra Farley saundra.farley@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4470
Cheryl Groeninger cheryl.groeninger@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4640
Stacey Hassin stacey.hassin@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-8915
Adrienne Rogers adrienne.rogers@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-8491

Supervising Manager

Name Email Phone
Ruben Aguillon ruben.aguillon@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3832

Production Support – Mainframe [+]

Name Email Phone
Melissa Buentello melissa.buentello@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-3406
Sabrina Cairo sabrina.cairo@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-5667
Wesley Green wesley.green@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-8437
Danielle Groeninger danielle.groeninger@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-5320
Jonathan Judge jonathan.judge@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4034
Christine Luchini christine.luchini@cpa.texas.gov (512) 305-9795
Vicki Smith — Payroll Policy vicki.smith@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-9009

Statewide Systems Administration

The Statewide Systems Administration section is responsible for providing over-arching support for the CAPPS program and assists the sections responsible for CAPPS:

This section initiates, monitors and reports contractual obligations in support of CAPPS. Additionally, this section is responsible for timely and accurate reporting of predetermined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and compiles monthly statistics to present to Enterprise Resource Planning Leadership prior to final disposition.

The section is also responsible for CAPPS communications and change management efforts including implementing and maintaining the CAPPS training program that supports in-progress and current Central and Hub agencies on CAPPS.

Primary Responsibilities

CAPPS Change Enablement, Communications & Training [+]

Name Email Phone
Alison Williams – Team Lead alison.williams@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4539
Tammy Ross tammy.ross@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-1047

CAPPS Production Queue[+]

Name Email Phone
Tammy Chaney tammy.chaney@cpa.texas.gov (512) 936-4341

Project Management Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Rusty Charlton russell.charlton@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-9466
Jay Ingram jay.ingram@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-5989
Steve Schiurring steve.schiurring@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-1650

Cross Functional Analysis Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Stacey Minces stacey.minces@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-5615
Terry Wooten, CPA terry.wooten@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0822

Contract Administration Staff [+]

Name Email Phone
Ellen Harper ellen.harper@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4214
Michele McCune michele.mccune@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4239
Angela Proveaux angela.proveaux@cpa.texas.gov (512) 463-4589
Michael Steedley michael.steedley@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-0642
Susan White susan.white@cpa.texas.gov (512) 475-3883